The ZTE Axon 7 is now official and aiming for the big leagues

26 May, 2016
The new flagship offer comes with a big emphasis on audio and with promising specs to partake in the flagship battles.

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  • wowie

hi does this phone will available in the Philippines?

  • Anonymous

battery should be larger!!... it would be the perfect phone. too heavy as well

  • AnonD-523235

AnonD-509682, 26 May 2016Looks mighty similar to the Alcatel Idol line with those du... moreIf this is too big, but you love BIG sound in a small package, then maybe the thinner, smaller, WAY lighter Idol 4? Although... that one is a mid-level tier, while the Axon 7 is a flagship.

  • AnonD-523235

AnonD-117381, 28 May 2016It's interesting that people tolerate the bezels on this ph... moreI have to admit, I totally see the resemblance to the HTC one series, but guys... Although the HTC M7/8/9 all have terrible screen to body ratios with excessively large Metal regions over the speakers, and the infamously unneeded larger space between the bottom speaker and the screen to house, what?... the HTC logo, maybe? Thanks for wasting real estate on my phone to fit your name in, HTC, smh.
Such waste of space (especially on the sides, imo) is why people didn't tolerate the bezels well, and why I much prefer the much slim metal speaker cover design on the Idol 4/4S... Although, interestingly enough, the Axon 7 has a better screen:body ratio of the HTC One's and the Alcatel Idol 4's, despite it's incredibly similar-to-the-M9's added space between the top and bottom metal grills. Okay, both have larger screens, which always help with the ratio, but still, the larger display helps to create the illusion necessary to diminish the effect of the bezels... (M8@66.7%, M9@68.4%, Idol 4@69.9%, Idol 4S@71.9%, Axon 7@72.2%)

Also, the HTC 10 doesn't have front facing stereo speakers anymore, and I don't see the resemblance.

  • AnonD-549154

AnonD-117381, 28 May 2016It's interesting that people tolerate the bezels on this ph... moreLooks identical doesn't it?
I don't understand what the problem is, I like my One M8 just fine :)

  • AnonD-117381

It's interesting that people tolerate the bezels on this phone but hated the similar sort of bezels on M8, M9.

  • Anonymous

Htc 10 copy

Anonymous, 26 May 2016If you re-read the specs you would note that it does in fac... moreThanks on that one I stand corrected.nice.
Still, I the quality of HTC 10

  • Anonymous

It looks good on paper for the specs but the real day to day use is real crap. i expect nothing different from their Axon 7 even that their Axon Elite was just like that. Their Blade S6 too. piece of crap brand.

  • AnonD-322352

Specs sound promising, but we'll have to see how ZTE handles updates.

  • AnonD-248589

Battery life won't be great but the rest is not bad. If it has a budget flagship price it could be interesting.

  • Anonymous

Really nice specs but zte branding is a turn-off so in other words, it sucks

  • Takeshi

The colour variants of this phone turns off, I mean no black colour so sad :/

  • anon

ithehappykutaahai, 26 May 2016Wow! Now that's a beautiful gorgeous smartphone.Indeed. I love to buy this but I am concerned about software updates. ;(

This is seriously the best looking smartphone after the S7 Edge. WoW

Big screen check
AMOLED check
QHD check
SD820 check
Large storage and Ram check
SD Card support check
Competent camera setup (on paper) check
Dual stereo speakers check
Fingerprint Scanner check

some small negatives
smaller battery than S7 Edge
USB Type C + QC3 probably makes the charger "non USB-Type C" compliant
software support (??)

I wonder how's their international availability is like.

i love their storage options. this beast seems like a real hit. not going to get it though as i have no idea if the zte brand is reliable.

AnonD-56158, 26 May 2016Wonder why zte phones never achieve the same popularity lik... morePricing.
Just like Oppo, they are known for their exorbitant prices.

  • AnonD-398362

AnonD-450518, 27 May 2016With these specs, it's definately one of the top flagship s... moreIt's either this or the v10 successor for me too. My note 5 battery life sucks and I'm running out of memory constantly

  • AnonD-450518

With these specs, it's definately one of the top flagship smartphones of 2016 as of now. I am tempted to make the AXON 7 my next upgrade, or wait & see what LG V10 successor or Huawei Mate 9 has to offer later on in the year.

  • AnonD-509682

Looks mighty similar to the Alcatel Idol line with those dual speaker grills - nice looking phone , but too big for me.