Software unlock for iPhone 4 is out, welcome back ultrasn0w

04 August, 2010
After the jailbreak comes the unlock. And it only took a few days this time. Welcome the iPhone 4 software unlock, which will allow you to use your device with any SIM card (well, microSIM, actually) card. You...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2010Updating to latest OS will lock your phone again. If you've unlo... morehow can i unlock i phone 4.

  • Nukul


I did the jail break and also unlocked the phone but I keep getting the message saying you have a TSS Request Pending, how do I work on it and get rid of it. I am very keen on using my Iphone so can anyone help me with every step would be really thankful.


  • Ahmed Medhat!

hossam egypt, 17 Oct 2010my brother sent me i phone 4 from usa by dhl from 2 days and i`m... moreHi hossam my brother is sending me one too so can you tell me if yours worked or If you are sure it will work because I still didn't buy it so I can change my mind now before it's too late

  • Anonymous

pcgmithu, 05 Aug 2010I just have unlocked my iPhone 4 successfully. Tested it with a ... moredid you unlocked the i phone 4 version 4.1 but locked to AT & T.
If yes please tell me how i can do it

  • Zahid

Anybody pls confirm, is it possible to unlock iphone 4, version 4.2.1
Till i m waiting for same?

  • hossam egypt

my brother sent me i phone 4 from usa by dhl from 2 days and i`m waiting for it here in egypt .... it is just a phone i see alot of people making a big deal about i phone ...if u `r an i phone hater do not post ur comment in this page cool..:)

  • mhl

so your not "SMART" and not a "WISE" person buy what I can say to you is your a "HIPOCRITE" (Someone who says something that even (s)he disagrees with.) how sad...

  • BrianAW

Did you think the iphone can winning the competitio n in mobile industry nowaday??? You re totally wrong..non opened source platform with lame / outda ted features,iphone will dead in no long time..Im the one of all peoples who opened your a r m s to welcome the real batt les start..challeng ers list is below :
1 SymbianOS (Symbian^3,Symbian^4)
2 Maemo (computer phone)
3 Meego
4 Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)
5 Windows phone 7

All open platform..
All real smartphone..

Thanks =)

  • Anonymous

mhl, 08 Aug 2010really if you are "SMART" and buy a true smartphone? ... moreDont you even see my original comment..

Im iphone 4 user before..and now I already sold it for 17 days..

Ya..I tried it..

  • Anonymous

(Part 2)

You know.We re no perfect..we know,you all know..actually no phone perfect!!! - said st3ve j0b
(Gosh..perfunctory too much..whats wrong with you??? Now we knew..we knew it blaming and do in a perfunctory is y0ur personality??? lol)

Not only iphone 4 having the same problems..also,Blackberry Bold 9700,M0t0 Droid Eris,Samsun g Omni a TOO!!!
(O M G..are you sure this is out of his "stinky blaming mouth" ???!!! The apple chairman & ceo,apple in c)

This is what called being a human..when you started done good..other people must critizm or stuck on you!!!
(I really dont understand what are you talking..!!! Now is your owo problem..why do again..agained blamin g..)

  • mhl

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010I have an additional answer for you too.. Simple..dont blinde... morereally if you are "SMART" and buy a true smartphone?

Then I am not smart. But I am "Wise"

A smart guy thinks he is smart by dressing up neatly and having as you say things that is "TRUE"? is that so?

I say a wise man learns from experience and shares good things and thinks before he speaks...

  • Anonymous

Awesome... much needed feature.

  • Anonymous

MHL, 06 Aug 2010I have an additional question for you. You said telling the &quo... moreI have an additional answer for you too..

Simple..dont blinded by fruity compan y ..SCAM..BUT I KNOW THATS NO HELPED ON PEOPLE WHO LIKES YOU..LOL

Here is "some" totally cannot be changed after you jailbreak-i n g your iphone 4..I think all people knew that..but Im here to reposted the truth for the people who dont really know..

First,we talk on the HARDWARE cant be change and everything no on iphone 4 even you j b..

-NO 8MP,12MP
only 5 mp with led,no
-NO hdmi port
-NO usb 3.0 (USB OTG,copy
-NO surround speaker 5.1
-NO mass / phone storage
-NO external card slot
(NOKIA N900 up to 48GB)
-NO run out of yellow spot
on screen
-NO exchanged battery
-NO not dropped call
(faulty design)
-NO radio / fm transmitter
-NO camera stabalizers
-NO video stabalizers
-NO led flash 1.9,2.4,2.8
-NO camera shutter button
-NO customize setting on
-NO personalization on
any phone setting
(text sized,text color,
-NO standard sim card
(micr0 sim card)
-NO saving money
(3g call over WiFi only
iphone 4 to iphone 4 but
still paid $ when make
video call..)
-NO qwerty keyboard

-NO Bluetooth transfering
-NO downloading on web
browser "safari"
-NO real multitask
-NO widgets
-NO widset
-NO main pages
(3,6,10 pag es)
-NO office document edit
-NO smart diallin g
-NO 3d ui
-NO more video format
(3gp,mp4,mp4 2,m4a
-NO more song format
-NO animation home
-NO auto focus on cam ui
-NO more themes
-NO more apps pages

Ya..we know that so many and more truths on icrap phone..



  • masih_m

Hi,you mean that we can use this cellphone without unlocking?!& just with a software?!how interesting.there is one question...!the download link of this software please...!

  • techiii

Wow I can see lot of apple haters here, the unlock code and jailbreak is out now freedom from Apple.

Used and tested HTC hd2s wild fires and all those high end phones and those nokia and other LGs, samsung etc coz I am a phone bench marker.

But realistically speaking Iphone 4 is one of the best phone in the market right now.

I am testing I phone 4 and using it as a primary phone for 15 days now, and here i go.

1) i have been using the phone initially without a cover and with a cover and saw that hardly you get a dropped calls, I think with the cover I have yet to see a dropped signal, actually realistically while calling iphone4 has a better voice quality then 3gs, when you make a call, u will feel that.

2) Hardware wise i think other high end phones are not good because they lack GPU, iphone 4 with A4 chip and a dedicated GPU with 512 ram is a serious hardware, games graphics are actually like console hd gaming.

3) camera is top notch which actually records 720 p smooth HD video, and other high end phones lack that coz of bad or no GPU, on papers they say and realistically they fail.

4) Apple app store is the best right now, tested and firmly believe it, funny there is app for everything, I used android when i tested and used HTC and samsung phones and I can say android is still behind, they will need time and its gonna be difficult as big developers want money.

5) I phone 4 is expensive its not for everyday people thats a bad part, but i think with contract its reasonable now.

6) After testing phones i figured out that what iphone 4 says it does that, I mean when I tested some HTC high end phones, I saw that on papers they look good but realistically they actually fail (for eg even a VGA recording is poor and jerky on a HTC high end phones)

last but not least I can guarantee you that you will get bored with other phone and actually will never get bored with Iphone 4, u will know it in 15 days only.

  • MHL

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2010HAHAHA!!! Why should I angry??? Why I want to be a anger??? ... moreI have an additional question for you. You said telling the "truth helped". Can you tell me in what way did you help somebody? By saying HTC is better or choose SE, samsung or even say buy nokia? Did you help somebody by saying steve jobs is like this and like that? or apple is like this apple is like that? You know everybody has there own preferences and all of "us" has the right to choose... I am an owner of a nokia E72,Nokia 5800, SE Xperia x10, Xperia X1, HTC touch diamond and an iphone 3gs... all of these units have there own characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and differences from each other just like us "humans" have differences. To cut this short you are not helping someone by dictating him on what to do or what to choose that is not the way of "DEMOCRACY" thats dictatorship...

  • Anonymous

mhl, 06 Aug 2010you know what? maybe I should ask you these questions... Whats w... moreHAHAHA!!!

Why should I angry???
Why I want to be a anger???
Why I want to jealous ???

On a worsed thing ever???


Everyone is talking about the ba dly product and the "blaming compan y"..
Is time to let all people know the TRUTH..

Why not ??? It helped..

  • mhl

[deleted post]you know what? maybe I should ask you these questions... Whats wrong with you? Why do you despise iphone so much? Why does iphone affect you so much? why do you always search for iphones faulty designs tooooo much? Why do you post comments against iphone too much? Why are you getting crazy against iphone too much?

The answer to these questions: "JEALOUSY" = "ANGER"

  • elsergio

if you unlock the iPhone and then you make a software update or downgrade you lose the unlock?

  • Anonymous

John, 04 Aug 2010'It was high time some good news involving the iPhone 4 surfaced... moreAnd you seem to be the chief iphone hater on here, bleating on about yesterdays news. I doubt very much you even have a Wildfire.

But then again, if you want more coverage for Apple, I'm sure they won't mind as it is clearly not affecting sales.