Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition

11 April, 2006
Nokia and Aston Martin have made an unique team in creating the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition. "Distinctive. Accomplished. Exquisite." This will be the new limited mobile phone with...

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  • Mr bean

daz, 12 Apr 2006my dad and my girlfriends dad both have vantages and a frie... moreOfcourse everyone is entitled to their opinion. However I always find It strange why people feel the need to be rude. It’s really non of your business what folk wish to do. I find hard to understand how it effects you. It’s very strange. Are you bored. Your not really interested in the product that your reviewing,just simply can’t help yourself being aggressive and rude. I own Aston’s and I’ll buy what I like. With my money. Not yours but mine. And if I make a few quid or not collecting then I’ll have a bit of fun doing so. I recently purchased one for £275 and sold it for £375. Hardly broke anyone’s bank account.

  • AnonD-395070

I have an original one of these the V8 Vantage model number 005-250 all fully boxed with original software. Also had 019-250 but sold that off. Who else has one of these phones? Seems like theres not many left of them

  • Money maker

I have been looking for this phone for quite a long time now, but there's no way to find it. Does anybody know where can I purchase one here in the uk please I would appreciate for the info ?

  • Money maker

I have been looking for this phone for quite long time now, but there's no wa

  • Anonymous

where can i buy 1?

  • Chris Carroll

I am currently after a Nokia 8800 Aston Martin phone. could you please tell me if they are still available in australia and if so how i can obtain one
Thanks Chris Carroll

  • Anonymous

I paid a lot of money for this phone.It has been back twice to NOKIA AUSTRALIA for repairs........NOT HAPPY

  • art_

is a futuristic telefon with a good design
but the price is very big
all in all is in top but is very expansive

  • Anonymous

This phone is amazing it has all the aston martin pics and stuff embeded inside the memory including the real sounds of the roaring engine A GREAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

i love it

  • negresco

the 8800 aston martin edition is interpated incorectly beacuse this phone is ,,just for looks,, if you want a real phone i have a better solution nokia n91

  • Iranian CoolGuy

it seems to be cheaper than my current phone, the Platinum Vertu. It's okay, it'll be always expensive for those who can't afford it. I have many exotics in my garage, and I'll be probably buying a few again when I get bored.

  • Ktulu

P.S.: Since I´ve donated my old 2 Hummers to a Kindergarten, I bought 2 weeks ago a couple of new ones. The H2s are superb. Everybody! You should get one, too! :)) Ha ha!

  • Ktulu


I got 2 Aston Martins, 3 Ferraris (one of them is the Pininfarina) and yes, the greatest of them all: a Lamborghini Murcielago 2002 version.

  • PKR

This fone is good,But overpriced withiout MP camera and other features.

  • Rob

now this is what i call an amazinh phone

  • gabi

Nokia sucks, specially this model, SonyEricsson RULZZZZZ

  • Robert

lets face it guys the fone looks nice but thats all it is. way overpriced and not enough featrures, i mean comon doesnt even have a megapixel camera. and the auston martin thing on the fone is boring

  • C Me

I don’t know why it smell like some of the NOKIA compotators are putting the feedbacks here to show the NOKIA 8800 down

  • Aowais Khan

I have not seen the N8800 yet but I would love to see the mobile phone first bcoz it is hyped a lot.Its a request that u put the N8800 on the site as soon as possible.