Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition

11 April, 2006
Nokia and Aston Martin have made an unique team in creating the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition. "Distinctive. Accomplished. Exquisite." This will be the new limited mobile phone with...

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  • Aowais Khan
  • P$0
  • 02 May 2006

I have not seen the N8800 yet but I would love to see the mobile phone first bcoz it is hyped a lot.Its a request that u put the N8800 on the site as soon as possible.

    • C
    • C Me
    • mxI
    • 29 Apr 2006

    I'd love to go for N8800 black coz it mathces with my RADO Sintra Multi- rather then paying for A-M logo

      • t
      • tonmoy
      • PTn
      • 27 Apr 2006

      I think its a great mobile but it is meant for high end society only. Shelling out 1400$
      is not in every bodies every ability. i wana know more about out the mobile phone i can sell out my shares to have this kind of hand set

        • c
        • carthik
        • iwX
        • 22 Apr 2006

        Hmmmm... Aston Martin makes exotics. Nokia makes stuff for the masses. They make this expensive phone and aston accepts money and licenses the phone. Where's the pride aston? you don't collaborate with nokia! If you did with vertus brand owned by nokia, that makes sense... well somewhat....

          • D
          • DAN
          • iLT
          • 20 Apr 2006

          excellent, phone i am going to buy 2 of these, i have a aston martin vaquish and a aston martin db9, so i will have hands free kits placed for these phones in both cars, might change the hands free kit in my rolls royce phantom from hands free for vertu mobile to this nokia 8800 depending on how it works in the aston martins. i recommend this phone.

            • R
            • Raksta
            • M3s
            • 20 Apr 2006

            Yeah i think the 8800 is a wicked phone but the Aston Matin design has gone to far dont u think ryo?? Anyway everyone has negative things to say about this phone and i can honestly say i have not had a single problem with it . My battery is ok and never crashes..This phone was designed purely for style and looks. It was not meant to be a MP3 Player if u want a mp3 player get a IPOD. Or if u want a digital camera get a DIGITAL CAMERA! So people that diss this phone you just cant afford it really can you.

              • P
              • Phoneboy
              • iIR
              • 20 Apr 2006

              what is so g00d about this phone i ask....? i mean just cos it is
              cut from stainless steel.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • PU2
                • 20 Apr 2006

                I'm the guy below, i just wanna add...

                YOU KNOW WHAT?

                I still think... THIS PHONE IS GOD DAMN SEXY!!!

                unfortunately, that's all about it. Sexy... but dumb...

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • PU2
                  • 20 Apr 2006

                  Yeah why do people fall for these things? anyway let's just respect their decision shall we? we have different ways of appreciating things.


                  Let's buy 3G compatible, Card Compatible, 2.0 MP or more camera resolution, TV-tuning compatible phones for a much much LESSER price!!!
                  Heh heh heh. that 8800 guy user beside you will wonder why he bought his phone as he watch you doing so many things with your phone that he can't do with his 8800 heh heh heh.

                  but please let us respect them.

                  afterall it's their money heh heh

                    • R
                    • Ryo
                    • UI3
                    • 19 Apr 2006

                    hey raksta, I'm sure you can get all those wallpaper and sounds online and pay someeone way less to laser that logo on the front cover... thne sell the thing to some filthy rich guy... cha ching! haha

                      • r
                      • raksta
                      • my6
                      • 19 Apr 2006

                      I have a nokia 8800 ..but this has gone to far ! anyone agree

                        • M
                        • Mav
                        • PMT
                        • 19 Apr 2006

                        hopefully we will see this phone in an upcoming james bond movie. If not hands up who wants a finger print scanner in their phone? or a laser pointer.... hey thats not a bad idea actually....

                          • p
                          • pavan
                          • UFD
                          • 19 Apr 2006

                          yea woooo!! go aston martin!! ma dad has an astoin martin!! he now wants dis fone

                            • i
                            • inside-
                            • iEP
                            • 18 Apr 2006

                            how nice, nokia has a suiting phone for everyone,
                            imaging you have too much money and you don't know what to do with it, you also have no taste at all, and youré extremely limited in your knowledge about mobile phones; even then nokia has a phone for you! let me present the 8800 aston martin.

                              • J
                              • Julius G.
                              • mcy
                              • 18 Apr 2006

                              Attention Please,I really Impress with your products and the best out of your conmpany.From what we detect in Nokia 8800 as good and best the phone the battery is too bad.Thousands of my customers have the same complains.Is the new 8800 have the same problem?
                              Thanks and keep your best with the world.

                                • s
                                • ssservice
                                • m2J
                                • 18 Apr 2006

                                Iam waithing Malrboro or Super Mario Bros Edition

                                  • b
                                  • bloo
                                  • 2An
                                  • 18 Apr 2006

                                  I think this phone sucks, what would u do with the titanium and the repackaged "look" it was just the logo and the walpaper / ringtones tht wer added... as if no one could duplic8 it and put it in the original 8800.. it isnt even a 3g phone, no dual cam, no hi end features, its just an ordinary phone. i think it was over priced to make it feel like it was hi end, but it isnt even any match to th N92 or n90... I think that its just the design,..

                                  Even those people who own this here dnt even like it, iv seen a lot of people traiding in their 8800 models for other n sereis...
                                  no thats class with features.. and thats using your brain, getting what u paid for...

                                    • D
                                    • Douw vd Westhuizen
                                    • Ghf
                                    • 17 Apr 2006

                                    I recently have the Nokia 8800, would much rather prefer the nokia 1100.

                                      • s
                                      • safraz
                                      • myZ
                                      • 17 Apr 2006

                                      why not just buy a normal 8800 and get the logo etched yourself from another laser'll save urself a hell of a lot of money!!

                                        • J
                                        • Jimmy
                                        • Ss4
                                        • 16 Apr 2006

                                        Yes other phones probably have more options than this and are cheaper, but guys you need to admit that this phone are really HIGHEST class Nokia! And price 4 this phone should be proper his class !