Better photo of Nokia 5250 found, details still scarce

10 August, 2010
We caught a brief glimpse of the Nokia 5250 back in July and now it's back. New details are scarce but at least we're getting a better look at the phone. The design is freshened up, but the screen seems to be...

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  • Anonymous

LOL. Sony Ericsson X8 style 100%

  • Anonymous

Look like sony ericsson X10!

  • andy burgin

Nokia had to change the design of there Budget Touch Screens mobiles,because all we got after the 5800,is nearly everyone released just used the same body an just changed the phones number an it got people annoyed,so at last the pressure from Samsung as made Nokia change the phones body,Nokia have really got to start showing they are really willing to improve the Qualities of its budget mobiles as alately they have not been

  • android

maemo and symbian smartphones are too slow.
Fail Nokia.!

  • galaxy s

look stupid.
nokia is failing on touch screen phones.