Nokia N91 finally available

21 April, 2006
The long expected Nokia N91 smartphone with microdrive has finally hit the market shelves. The phone has been announced in April 2005, with expected release by the end of 2005, but Nokia...

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  • name

To SE kids:
are you offended that your beloved manufacturer is loosing? Be happy with yours plastic orange kids phones and don't spend your mom's money using the internet! And people-in-style-and-tech will choose thr whole metal N91 with best sound (check the review on, 2mP camera, Wi-Fi, UnPNP, 3G, symbian.
And don't be jealous! You will grow up and save some money to buy any good phone some time later! That's why SE fanatics are so angry and blind: they sticked with their brand and jealous to every other brand that make much much much better phones (functionality, materials and design) - they sticked with cheap plastic similar looking bricks. Poor little pupsies :)

  • Stryker

How can all of you people still praise se's w800, w810! They're flooded with bugs and crash sooner than later. Its a fact that nokia phones are RELIABLE! Sure, theyre expensive as hell but at least they wont crash or drop all your calls. Id rather have a cheaper nokia phone and an ipod than a sony ericsson that will only be useful as a paper press. Take care all of you

  • Tarantula

This ugly brick is too expensive, and someone says that sony is the worst in sound, but nokia? nokia is famous because successful phones like 3210, 3310 and 3330, no more. SE always make the way to others manufacturers since T39, T68, T610, K700, W800. Nokia sell this products based in brand name. Nokia only makes phones and sony makes all electronic products (Genezzi, Trinitron, Cyber-shot, Walkman, Handycam, etc.), they have the tech. Ericsson makes phones platforms to others manufacturers (LG, Sagem, Siemens, SE, etc.). This facts make Sony Ericsson the best than others manufacturers, and W950 demonstrate this.
N91 is an Ugly brick, this is the true

  • RIF

Putting a hard drive in a mobile phone is ridiculous. It generates heat and noise, is fragile and eats battery quickly. Flash prices just fell through the floor now you can get 1GB SD card for 28 EUR and 4GB for 95 EUR (incl. VAT), these prices are from www_alternate_de (hardware - speichermedien). 4GB Microdrive is 114EUR. Because these micro hard disks are mechanical devices it is difficult to lower price and you never get away with the above mentioned limitations. On the other hand flash memory will just get bigger/cheaper over time. Certainly not a clever move from Nokia (and Samsung which have done the same mistake).

  • Ivan

Kal you're not nothing about phone you said that this phone it is ugly but I said no, if you do not have this phone with you, you can't say nothing about it. I telling to all people out there do not pay attention what everybody said about this phone until to try it out your self, I got one and it is the best phone out there better then the SE w810i, w900 and the samsung i300, i300x and the i310. The sound quality excellent compare to the other phone and I know this because I had so many phone the last six month that I lost count all ready if you not believe me ask my friend, he will tell you that true. Anybody who like information about this phone I will be glad to answer, my email is

  • Ove Hellevang

If you're even thinking about comparing N91 with Samsungs 300i and x300i models with hdd your obviously dont't know what you're talking about.
Based on Samsungs spec on i300 and i300x these devices only supports usb 1.1.
What is the point of having a embedded hdd if the transfer rate is based on usb 1.1.

PS: The i310 uses usb 2.0

  • Anonymous

i was interested to buy this phone when it first announced, but now i been waiting too long and i have totally lost interest already

  • Kal

If you are so desparate to spend money, It's worth buying a N80. Not this ugly heavy brick.

And yes there are people who will buy it just coz its a nokia, no matter how ugly it is, wihtout even bother to look at who else is offering better tech and quality. Now since its soldout so they will go to ebay and spend more.

Not just 'someone saying', Its a wellknown fact that SE makes best music and cam phone in the market. They might have software issue but their camera and Mp3 palyer is still best in cell phone. Nokia doesn't make TFT display, Camera, Camcoder, Mp3 player...they outsource those technologies. It's obvious.

  • Anonymous

the thing i donot like about this phone is that it has microdrive if it fell from your hand the phone wouldnot work its very fragile SE has advantage over n91 is that it has flash disk....otherwise comparing with other features n91 rules over SE you have got symbian...SE USERS


A lot of Nokia Bashers of there!

Guess you SE fans have to have something to pick on when SE has so few, ugly phones and they all look the same.

Remember one thing, W950 is gonna be out Q3, maybe late August and listen, it is gonna cost more than the N91 and still lack a lot of features, lika camera and WLAN, uPNP.

Someone saying that Sony is best on sound. You got to be joking. Sony products are the worst, just expensive. Sony is so much living and the brand name.

Finally, N91 sales ir rocketing. Sold out everywhere! :) Too many people want it.

But I have to admit it, I prefer the N80 with a solid 2GB Flash memory. Will buy the black one when it hits the market.

  • Babdi

When do you think Samsung introduced microdrive ?
Remember Samsung was a;so the 1st to commercially sell a phone with 5 Mega pixel Camera. Ssamsung quality is another matter

  • Tarantula

This is an expensive brick with HD, with worse screen and worse camera, but has WLan, 3g, Bluetooth, Symbian and 4Gb of memory pool.
I go with W950 because batt life, weight, price, Symbian UiQ, sound quality, touchscreen, 3g, Bt and 4Gb of flash memory, i dont need the camera coz i have my w800, but this phone is great.
N91 is a very ugly, bulky and expensive smartphone... ugly... ugly... brick...brick

  • Anonymous

to sum it up...this fon = full of features...
cons =
i) big and not that nice
ii) look like brick if u put in ur pocket =.= ...
iii)loudspeaker :(
iv) price tag
v) i heard that nokia made the release date extended so long due to software problems and even ALMOST called out this project..

pros =
i) MEMORY :O !!!
ii) function
iii)can be used as a weapon if ur robbed :D

  • fadi

hello you people out there who say that it's an expensive phone. note that it has more than enough features in it. infact this phone has the most features a phone has these days. and only nokia first introduced 4gb microdrive in a phone. it is a phone which has all the features an IPod has. so ultimately it is not expensive.

  • carthik

When it comes to portable sound quality, no one, and I mean no one can match Sony. The n91's sound is reported to have been engineered by bose and harmon kardon but it's just for names sake. Its an insult to bose and harmon kardon, seriously. I was expecting brilliant sound quality, but my k750i has much, much better sound. This phone is pretty useless for anything but looks and networking features.

  • andre

Rock looks like u have more Brons than Brains an by the way kerry any one can post their comment on the phones whether they praise or condem the phones is totally up to them ur no one to tell them what to do for goodness sake the purpose of user opinions and reviews are for people to share their opinions not to keep it to them selves understand

  • Yang

Nokia N91 = poster boy for expensive ugly phone.

  • nover

now a day nokia phone design is really worst then before...........

  • sss

w810i>N91 any time the brick with 4gb hdd is shiz

  • Me

Its a nice lookin phone, kinda reminds me of the 8 series.

However a "Micro Drive" moving parts easily damaged.

Im gonna stick to the W950 which has inbuilt flash memory.