Smartphone market grew 55 percent, iOS declining by 2014

9 September, 2010
There are some good times ahead for smartphones, say market analysts from IDC. Smartphone market share is expected to grow by over 50% and oddly iOS will be declining in the future, with Android and Windows...

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  • Anonymous

ANdoridy, 09 Sep 2010yup android has better interface and more userfriendly.. IS... morei just googled the word ISO -- it stands for "in search of"
whats "in search of" supposed to do with this?

  • Anonymous

wow... if they can only predict death....... it would be much moar awesome--er

  • ANdoridy

yup android has better interface and more userfriendly.. ISO is nt as friendly and wipe off everything u had spent time in a sec.. no backup or so..

  • ALonZo

Notice how the Blackberry and Symbian OS will drop in numbers as well, but the title emphasises "ios declining by 2014". FFS!

Now lets look at this in perspective. Android handsets sales are on the rise, this is because there are plenty of Android phones to chose from at different price ranges. Symbian is now mainly in Nokia phones, not so much in other handsets these days, therefore they will drop in numbers as more people will be switching to Android. And Blackberry numbers will only drop slightly as RIM handsets appeal to many businesses, therefore people will still buy Blackberrys.

Now onto the iPhone. 1 new premium handset per year, yet they still sell in their millions. May not sell well as Android, Symbian and Blackberry, but again thats down to just ONE handset per year.

If Apple were to introduce 5 new handsets, all ranging at different prices, im pretty sure the figures would be different.

  • Anonymous

here we go!!!!!

  • Anonymous

iphone is a fad, this proves it

  • regs

It's definitely not a worldwide statistics. More like US statistics or US+EU10 stats.

But it definitely not taking in account Russia, China and Japan.

  • Anonymous

Symbian dropping by 17% is absolute rubbish, Android gaining all that market share is possible. IOs dropping market share is just a wish for others, Windows Mobile gaining market share is a must. Blackberry loosing market share by less than one% is possible evern more by their ugly designs and user interface.

Nokia wont let that happen i am sure, no mobile is as perfect as Nokia smartphones sadly their touch screen and user interface is not friendly. i am sure they will take care of it soon.

Windows Mobile phone 6.5 was the most perfect, wp7 is new i hope it follow all the positives of winmo 6.5 and beat all others. Android and IOS, the systems are dependant on apps and only apps while symbian and winmo are perfect on their own they dont rely on apps for main tasks. I am an android user i use the 2.2 froyo on my hero rooted, i like it but i dont love it as much as i loved my Nokia N95 and HTC HD2. Waiting impatientlt for HD3 and N8

  • Me

The only reason they do this research is because they dont have anything else to do.

  • mike

this gots to be one the most stupid research in a while
how can they predict how succesful is WP7 going to be? or if android in 3 years will be absolutely crap or companies dont suport it anymore? or blackberry come out with something absolutely revolutionary?

  • iFan

iOS declines? Hmmm I don't think so.
If apple pays someone to predict the future, than iOS will be king. It's all about who pays for the research.

  • Anonymous

"if the world doesn't end in 2012"....
Typical Ifan..

Anyway, these figures are based on previous trends and does not account for advances in the OS's themselves. For example, when Symbian^3 and ^4 comes out, they may disturb such trends.

Cannot say the same for apple though... looking back through their history, non of the iOS updates are really big and thus it is hard to say whether the iOS trend will change..

Android is the only real competitor for Symbian.. and if Nokia does not react fast they could lose the lead in about 7 years time!!!

  • Anonymous

i cant predict

i am sure that nokia phones year 2010 are affordable and tpuch phopnes are powerful like n8 and meegoi

  • Peter

AgeOfMobile, 09 Sep 2010Windows mobile will always fail, Blackberry is doing far be... more"if the world doesn't end in 2012"

does that crap even deserve to be included in a tech site?

anyway, by that time iphone is finished

Symbian^3/MeeGO and android will control the market because they will hold the most biggest user-base in smartphone history.

  • bx

2 years ago android didn't exist, how can they foresee the futur? 4 years is a very very very long time in this domain!

  • Anonymous

Android will be first one day!

  • AgeOfMobile

Windows mobile will always fail, Blackberry is doing far better. Android is good but NOTHING can compete with Apple (Not yet anyway).
By the time its 2014 (if the world doesn't end in 2012) those figures will change. Knowing apple they will rise to the top for the next 10 years

  • Jerry1ken

This stats are based on what assumptions again . . . if there is anything I have learnt - three years is a long time in the mobile industry!

  • Karl

Android is dominaiting the market!