AnTuTu: Samsung Galaxy Note5 was world's most popular smartphone in H1 2016

09 July, 2016
It was followed by the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and S7.

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  • AnonD-91436

ljames, 09 Jul 2016Maybe. It's not a very fun thing realizing the gadget you s... moreDespite the fact it don't have an expansion slot and the battery is non-removable it's still a beast. I have my note 4 and I'm keeping it along with my note 5. In my opinion it's worth the buy.

  • AnonD-196068

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2016Sorry, Note 4 is only second to Note 5.Not in Europe, where the Note 5 was not sold.

  • AnonD-463876

Was there ever any doubt as to who is the real king of smartphone world?

  • Anonymous

The official title is: Antutu Report :Most Popular Smart phones (Android) 1H,2016

GSMarena simply dropped "(Android)" part for some reason.

  • Tandem

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2016LOL! S7 and S7 Edge is even lower than S6. Good job Note 5,... moreI think it's because S7 sale just started in Q2.

  • AAz

always the most popular and the best ones

  • yuri

leaf, 11 Jul 2016It's not the worlds most popular smartphones. It's the worl... moreWell said.

  • leaf

It's not the worlds most popular smartphones. It's the worlds most benchmarked smartphones. Who are running benchmarks? Enthusiasts. So unsurprisingly the top of the list is mostly phones that are marketed to enthusiasts.

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2016What's more funny is you not realizing what the data is tel... moreI can't decide if it's funny or plain sad that you don't comprehend i wasn't referring to what the data is telling us. Go back to school kid. And stay anonymous. Otherwise it's going to be embarrassing for me to even be seen responding to a halfwit.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-265020, 10 Jul 2016Note 4 is the best Galaxy Note ever!Sorry, Note 4 is only second to Note 5.

  • Drue

best phone for 2016: HTC 10

  • Straight_Talk

As we all know SAMSUNG is crap! Some of their commercial in Television are NOT true. And this, I think SAMSUNG paid AnTuTu.

  • Zivaj

Despite the reality people will always believe what they want to believe. This is AnTuTus view. please respect that. because these people have really made an effort to collect data and provide it us. are you simply saying you are better than these people? we can only see what is happening around us. deriving judgment based on that would not be wise. my point is if you cant do it, please respect others opinion if they have made the effort.

  • AnonD-292154

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2016your imo counts for nothing.. This guys publish based on st... moreAll of you are commenting without understandind what this list signifies. This list only shows the phones in which Antutu benchmark was run on and among all the phones, people with Note 5 ran Antutu benchmark the most and as a result it is ranked in 1st place. This list does not signify market share or popularity of a smartphone in general. I believe this test is fairly accurate as the Note series is mostly used by more tech savvy users and they usually run benchmarks on them. iPhones are not on the list simply because most people don't run Antutu benchmark on them. Most ios users don't care about benchmark numbers.

  • AnonD-265020

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2016True, Note 5 is the best Note phone since.Note 4 is the best Galaxy Note ever!

  • MarkSpark

Looks like Americans are quite a bit smarter than the world average with 3 Nexus telephones in their list.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2016your imo counts for nothing.. This guys publish based on st... moreBased on a very limited sample size.

It's amazing how fanboys throw reasoning and surrounding data out the window in an attempt to not face reality.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-411204, 10 Jul 2016What I'm saying is that for Apple/iOS/iPhone device all you... moreSo basically you're saying this is a highly inaccurate way to gauge "most popular smartphone" since a significant set of handsets in the market are underrepresented in their sample size.

By the way, comparisons are not segregated to specific platforms. Speeds can be compared regardless of OS, which is how we know the iphone 6S is faster than every phone on this list, except the S7 Edge, to which it is slightly slower.

  • Anonymous

nkwama, 10 Jul 2016I think they forgot to put "Android" somewhere. No way Sams... moreyour imo counts for nothing.. This guys publish based on stats and data..

  • AnonD-411204

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2016Does anyone know what the heck this guy is trying to say?What I'm saying is that for Apple/iOS/iPhone device all you need to do to get the best performing device is to buy the latest device of a given screen size, right now the 6s/6s+/se. All are powered by A9s SOC, manufactured by either TSMC or Samsung Semiconductors, with minute differences in performance and battery endurance that won't matter in real world. No need to use Antutu to figure that out.

On Android, you have MediaTeks, Exynos, Kirin or Snapdragons on the SOC side, from a slew of manufacturers in a bunch of sizes, different screen technologies and form factors (clamshell and sliders, you wont find those running iOS). Here you DO NEED Antutu to tell which is faster. Which is why there so much use of Antutu for Android devices and so little use in iOS. Ergo, no iPhone on the list.