AnTuTu: Samsung Galaxy Note5 was world's most popular smartphone in H1 2016

09 July, 2016
It was followed by the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and S7.

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  • AnonD-496754

Happy to see my Redmi Note 3 in the is topping in 5+ countries more than other phones..Budget Legend \_/

I guess iphone users are just not obssessed with benchmarking their phones. Since we definitely can't deny that there are millions of iphone users out there, so this is a likely explanation.

  • Anonymous

Darius89, 09 Jul 2016can someone tell me where is iPhone 6s? actual my phone is... morewhy be suroprised remember their 95% of the smart phone profits, but i believe could be wrong less then 20% of the smart phone market. so popularity isnt based on how much you over paid but how much it is used and benchmarked.

can someone tell me where is iPhone 6s?
actual my phone is Redmi note 3 pro & i have been amazed that iPhone is not in list ...

  • Dovice

I don't buy this survey, despite loving the Note series. No mention at all of the iPhone, which despite it's flaws, is massively popular world-wide. I travel a lot, and 75% of the people of all ages I see are using them. Me thinks Apple users, being less geeky don't partake in surveys. I also ask my colleagues if they are happy with their phones, and in general iPhone users are the happiest (unless they have come from Android!) Am saving for the Note7, so am personally not a fan of iOS, too many flaws in the UX.

  • Anonymous

No Apple? Shouldn't it say worlds most popular ANDROID smartphone?