The Mi Notebook Air is a MacBook competitor that won't leave you wanting

27 July, 2016
Xiaomi really put together a strong event today. Frankly, we would have been more than content with the now official Xiaomi Redmi Pro, but the Chinese OEM threw another surprise our way - the Mi Notebook Air.

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  • Snoopazz

AnonD-463876, 29 Jul 2016If they do then it'll bend in half upon impact. To be perfectly honest, I bought 13.3" Mi Notebook Air and it's in same level of craftsmanship as Apple laptops if not even better...

  • haumalien

Bc WHY they even used Mi.. would hav replaced mi with Mac.... m{I=AC}... nd called it Mac Air...!

  • AnonD-463876

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2016Xiaomi will make a car next If they do then it'll bend in half upon impact.

  • AnonD-463876

Not a bad price for a laptop with these kind of specs (wish the resolution was higher but oh well) still, expect to pay close to $800 or above if you're importing one from The People's Republic.

  • AnonD-367917

Airbus A340-500, 27 Jul 2016Q for the geeks: So I'm in the market for a performance lapto... moreRead post before this.. Meant for you!

Get an ssd if possible/budget allows

  • AnonD-367917

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2016Asus ROGFocus on screen quality.
Not necessarily resolution, but true contrast ration (Not dynamic), and technology. Getting colour spectrum right should be your number one priority (for your focus).
A little ram can help in both those applications, whilst I would not recommend the average user NEEDING more than 4Gb, upgrade to 8Gb if reasonable.
Most processors will have enough grunt nowadays, and a dedicated gpu can accelerate some tasks, but without an accurate screen; what is the point?

Maybe use an external screen and get away with any preferred laptop that fits your budget...
A desktop setup is generally better for that type of work, so a small wacom and a nice monitor would do you very well perhaps...

  • AnonD-367917

ZahinBD, 28 Jul 2016Unless they changed the official defination, then I beleive that... moreMany roundups match contenders by weight class (and size/screen diagonal)..
Weight categories do change the designation and these have become industry recognised.
Building small and light is what makes laptops often cost more than a similar specced unit, generally adding a lot to the cost to achieve something 'special'.

Consumers can use such terms to quickly inform a salesperson of the type of 'laptop' they wish to buy.
To be fair, at retail level, desktops are mostly dead... not in pc or enthusiast stores, but at electrical retailers; compare the numbers -quite easily twenty to thirty laptops to every netbook (equivalent chipset)in a 'desktop' chassis available for purchase..

Yes, there are portable computers that we oldies might refer to as 'laptops', and desktops.. but to say we don't classify phones the same way; tell that to my 'phablet'.

  • AnonD-367917

Oh no. A blog written without proof reading for spelling errors. Sure translations will get muddled for some... I know I don't reread and check for errors in my posts, sometimes editing a few in my ten minute window after posting (and I leave lots of errors), this is the exception not the rule on GSM, so I won't rattle on about it...

The gtx940 would be awesome for games at 1080. 1080 by pc standards is so yesteryear that proper hardware gpus (read;not intel gpus) are quite capable to render to that resolution fairly easily.
Best thing is it might actually not throttle to bad when on battery.
Most gaming laptops only give true performance on wall power; this chip would be alright.

Article heading made me laugh.. as a macbook knockoff it would leave me 'wanting' (being without Mac OS), windows being the better gaming platform, no worries... (windows generally runs better in a VM on OS X)

This is nice specifications for a nice price.
Laptops being tiny is usually a premium price (anyone can make a large laptop); these seem well configured...

Not necessarily 'premium', has more than enough grunt for MOST users.
So, reliability? Hope they can build solid parts.
True, hard drive failure is one of the biggest fails on 'moving/transportable' computers; the smaller they are the more likely to be carried 'room to room' whilst using.
Glad solid state is the way of the future!

Nice one bruv

  • drake

its not expensive but it isn't that cheap as well. Why would you get a Chinese cloned macbook for the same price as a Asus Zenbook or the HP Envy. You won't be using that gc to play games for sure so there's not much purpose for it. If I'm buying a Xiaomi laptop, I'd want it to be at least half the price of its real competition, windows ultrabooks. Plus xiaomi as the reputation of screwing up things on the software side even with very high spec hardware.

Ill wait for the quad core i7 with gtx 1060 or higher

  • andrew

ha ha, air??? They are air

  • MK

MasEnha, 28 Jul 2016The price is steep compared to what I imagined before. Moreover ... moreimmature product? haha good joke

  • ZahinBD

AnonD-564674, 27 Jul 2016Ultrabook = notebook? Really? Where did u get that mind-blowing ... moreUnless they changed the official defination, then I beleive that all this talk about notebook, netbook, ultrabook are total BS. The only officially recognized categories are Desktops and Laptops.

The only reason the companies name them like these is because as the time passes, the laptop technology gradually gets better. So they they try to sell their new generation of laptops in different names so people might believe that it was actually a huge technological leap.

Do you categorize mobile phones by their weight and endurance, even though modern phones are becoming more and more lighter and battery efficient? No.

So unless you're a marketing agent of a computer brand, then I suggest you to refrain from using any words other than "Laptop". Thank you.

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2016Ultrabook is just a marketing term to define this new generation... morePro is commonly used. Air is not. Air is moniker to Apple like Galaxy is to Samsung.

  • AnonD-99764

AnonD-564674, 27 Jul 2016Calm down, DUDE, I know u r one of those 'die-hard' fanboy of Ap... moreYou're wrong on two points. First, I'm not an Apple fanboy. I use SGS6 Edge, because I believe it to be better than iPhone 6S. I use Macbook Pro, because I believe it offered the best battery life. I regard the products with objectivity. Second, I'm not stating Apple is innocent. When they did steal others' technology - they were sued for that and had to pay back if they were convicted. Xiaomi, meanwhile is out there copying the most obvious Apple features - the design, and still are not getting sued. And as we know, Apple does sue its competitors for copying their design and the fact that they have not yet sued Xiaomi means that Chinese laws or regulators prevent Apple from requesting their rights to be protected.

  • Anonymous

Another garbage from xiaomi. They keep on copying Apple's design. Trying-hard chinese company.

  • Gilda

MacBook competitor? Lol hardly.

  • MasEnha

The price is steep compared to what I imagined before. Moreover the price is for China market which will bump a bit outside. XM should not refer to MacBook price point knowing their market segments especially for this immature product (very first generation).

  • j

Good design yet the weak specs for the lower end left it undesirable. Was hoping for at least 8GB of RAM standard.

Battery life is generally exaggerated on Windows laptop, hence it'll be interesting to wait for the real life test results to come out.

Kudos to the company for aiming the 13" market with lightweight, good design, good battery life and reasonably powerful; something along Dell XPS 13 or HP Spectre 13 yet with dedicated GPU and reasonably priced. It'll be interesting to see how the i5 performs alongside dGPU.

The lack of international support is a big concern though.

  • AnonD-170381

AnonD-174294, 27 Jul 2016Is it runs Windows?No it run Linux =/