LeEco Le 2s pictured, said to have 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 821

11 August, 2016
The phone will apparently be made official next month, as a successor of sorts to the Le 2.

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  • Hoffmann
  • gCh
  • 11 Aug 2016

Not sure if smartphone or gaming PC. Today smartphones are getting unneccesarily overpowered. For what purpose do you need a phone with 8 GB of RAM ?

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    • AnonD-71734
    • NmQ
    • 11 Aug 2016

    johnnkennedy, 11 Aug 2016Wow, China is dominating other mob. Companies..No it's not. Early implementation of tech trends are far from being a determining factor of what is and is not a good product. The argument of whether or not excessive amounts of RAM is needed on smartphones has been beaten to death. It honestly is about refinement, efficiency and optimization at the end of the day.

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      • 11 Aug 2016

      2 months later....
      leeco bring new phone with 12 gb ram

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        • Anonymous
        • u1y
        • 11 Aug 2016

        And my Galaxy has 8gb of ROM. :p

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          • AnonD-491313
          • ppS
          • 11 Aug 2016

          O-o? LOL, 4GB of ram now is like "You woot m8"?

            China is dominating other mob. Companies..