ASUS announces ZenFone 3 series in India

17 August, 2016
ZenFone 3 already on sale. ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra, and the ZenFone 3 Laser to follow soon.

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  • manoj

I wanted to buy Zenphone ultra but considering its shocking high price, I bought the Mi max for just Rs. 14000 and it is really a fantastic device and way better than the ultra. I am 100% sure Asus will miserably fail in India because of this insane pricing. So Dear Asus Either Be realistic about pricing or wind up your business. Bye Bye.

  • rich

Hemesh, 18 Aug 2016Lot of disappointment from Asus, Its really shocking from A... moreASUS is a money conscious company hahahhaha....they charge me for LCd screen 2k...
good luck selling your overprice demand...

  • AnonD-496754

AnonD-479319, 19 Aug 2016Looks pretty cool. I ve always liked how ASUS products are ... moreCheck drop test on YouTube of Zenfone 3..

  • AnonD-479319

Looks pretty cool. I ve always liked how ASUS products are built rock solid

  • Nick

Haha haha.....big lol....byeee Asus.....

  • Babai

I am waiting for asus.....zenfone 3.......but bad news is asus has become mad.....27999 for asus zen3....
Oneplus 3 is far better than.... asus.....

  • Once a fan of ASUS

Been waiting for Z3 for a long time.. but asus has obviously lost its mind considering the pricing. Too damn high for the given specs. Also the glass is pretty brittle. Good luck with the sale at these prices asus.

  • Anonymous

Bye bye ASUS.. ur time is over

  • AnonD-573791

Will be a disaster due to price. Indians are price concious not brand concious. They have failed iphone 5c in the past . They need more in less. All the very best to Asus with f**** high prices. Just get any other brand at around 12k with same specs. I myself like Asus but as i said not afraid of changing brands. You get Moto G4 plus at 15K.


Price is too high for 3 GB/32 GB. As per last month the price in Vietnam seems 16 k as per IST currency which is reasonable. But 22k is too high for ZEN 3 and 50 k for Deluxe.Indian market especially popular for mid range mobiles like 12 to 17 k. becoz of this other companies like Moto,Lenovo,Samsung, Redmi,One plus are giving 3GB/32GB mobiles for that mid range segment. I hope company needs to re think about price. 50 k means its a I phone 7 then. for 22 k model if we spend 3 k more we will get 6 GB one plus with 64 GB.

High price high price high price

Sales will slow down sales will slow down

  • Xeno

Asus has decided to go out of indian market. The 3G/32GB mobile costs only 16000 in Taiwan..dont know why it has been priced at 22000 in india

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2016Tough competition to yamahaHahaha

  • sid

50k for 1080p display? Add 2k more and get S7. Better camera better processor better ram better memory better display better f**king everything.

  • Anonymous

ASUS has done a big mistake raising their new phone price so high....their is no value for money...actual price of zenfone 2 was 17k which was previously launched in Vietnam.....then why there is so much variation of price in india.... everyone is disappointed with ASUS....i personally don't think ASUS would be able to sell more products with that price....we have other good options in 21k range....with that price asus would soon be kicked out of indian phone market.....

  • AnonD-496754

Well..they had to cover up millions spent on Sonakshi For Endorsement...

  • Sat

Price is really High. I dont think Asus has understood the current market trend from price perspective

  • Anonymous

Tough competition to yamaha

  • Anonymous

Zenfone 3's price will be reduce so fast!

  • Hemesh

Lot of disappointment from Asus, Its really shocking from Asus, I think Asus done big mistake on price . No value for money is Asus zenfonre 3.

As well as his sirvice centre is also looting. I have Zenfone 5 and i visited 3 times service center F1 and Regenersis service center Nehru place New Delhi and it was horror experience. So expensive. It was new phone but service centre told us to change the mother board and is 8k. and phone was 10k. They are charging fee even you asking problem in phone. They always trying to make money.

So don't buy Asus phone.......

  • AnonD-573675

Only one thing long live Xiaomi, long live LeEco, long live Lenovo, long live Oneplus and HONORary mentions Huawei.