MeeGo soon to be available for some Nokia N900 dual-booting fun

14 October, 2010
The long wait is almost over, dear Nokia N900 owners. The Finnish company's developers are almost done porting MeeGo to the sweet QWERTY slider and promise to release it to the general public...

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  • Crapple

aero, 16 Oct 2010N8 will NEVER EVER get anything other than symbian 3.... u can w... morehave u used symbian^3 ???
There is nothing wrong with symbian3. It is one the best OS around !!!!! so plz comment after using the OS , rather than creating misconception abt a beauty product

  • Anonymous

links still not working!! remove the http:// part, so it can at least be used.. :)

Nokia has said that Meego IS available for N900, it just wont support it...

If you want to replace your firmware on your mobile( some have even managed to put winXP on!!), there are many ways you CAN do it.. but to nokia, it is like installing linux on your PC instead of windows, and expecting microsoft to help you, when you have totally ruined it!!

  • Mohamed

Nokia did a blunder with Maemo and shattered all the hopes of N900
Everyone regrets why they bought N900
so why don't Nokia do something to make the N900 users happy...?

  • 0v0

So does this mean that, The MeeGo will be released for the Developers non consumers???

  • aero

[deleted post]N8 will NEVER EVER get anything other than symbian 3.... u can wait and wait but nothing is gonna happen...

bear in mind that n8 is the 1st device with symbian 3... updating its OS with something else wud mean nokia literally abandoned the OS and all the symbian 3 apps that wud release especially for n8...

  • Wedda

Looks like this is wrong. No dual boot.

Have a read of the below link, its seems clear that PR1.3 will not be dual booting out the box, so to speak.
But lets face it, if you want to dual boot there is nothing stopping you.­13-dual-boot-meego/

  • justbe

If i can i'll be on the first ones to try it.
Dual boot on a cell phone...welcome...

  • Basemov

for sure on board for update...

  • Seika

0v0, 14 Oct 2010Thanks bro, What about installing the MeeGo OS?? is it going ... moreTry this

http:// Devices/N900

  • Andrew

I put a big hope on MeeGo. WP7 disappointed me, iOS is bad, Android is developed by Google, Bada is too "Koreish" but Symbian have to go ...
Go MeeGo, go!

  • Rajitt

Is it compulsory to have good programming knowledge to do this? If not I would love to get a taste of the Meego OS, so can someone please guide me on how to do this?

  • Max

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2010"It's what computers have become" I don't seem to r... moreWell, actually, that's correct - that's what computers have become.

As computers became increasingly widespread, the original core of adopters who wrote programs, did 3D modeling or math simulations got slowly but surely dwarfed by the crowd of everyday users who use a computer to browse, check the mail, maybe watch a movie or play a bit and nothing else; why do you think Apple centered the ipad squarely on these? And all those things a smartphone can do these days, lacking mostly just screen estate. So yeah, that's exactly what computers have become.

Oh, and by the way, I could code Python on my phone quite nicely, thank you - it's just the screen and keypad size inconvenience that deters me... :)

...anyway, I'm with you on this one - in case the sarcasm wasn't obvious; computer should indeed mean something other than a glorified media consumption platform - it's just really going that way these days...

  • Siddu

My God..If This is True..I Just cant believe For What i have READ!!!!

  • jordanpower

Why isn't Nokia releasing an updated hardware for N900 with faster CPU?!!!

  • Ahmed Dada

I was on board with Nokia when they were onboard with Maemo... Now I have lost hope and confused as hell how will this Meego crap ever do anything. It is such and ugly marriage between intel and nokia where they are going to destroy the original debian based mameo and come up with fedora or redhat based linux solution. Really meaning going backward in technology. Leaving such an advanced and reliable system for some shit which intel created. Intel is good for making computer chips not an OS. As far as Nokia goes they have been arrogant enough to not dump symbian years ago and now they are way behind in the new linux based phone operating systems. A bitter truth for everyone.

  • Anonymous

keane, 15 Oct 2010what the hell is sp about this os ...its just basic os what th... moreTHat iss old video, out iss not nokis meego ui,

Youtube meegoexpert, there os a lealed nokia own meego ui

  • keane

what the hell is sp about this os ...its just basic os
what the hell nokia doing??­eature=related
see it urself..btw its meego 1.1

  • Anonymous

Ran100, 15 Oct 2010Perhaps Meego will not run on any Nokia hardware except n900. Me... moreMeego is a collaboration between Nokia and Intel, my friend. Processor power and speed will not be a problem.

  • bassfun

I really don't understand what Nokia is doing.
Why they bring up Maemo if they no longer use it for other handsets.
Is it Meego is updated version of Maemo?
If not, what a waste of Software and hardware(N900) development costs!

  • Human

Ran100, 15 Oct 2010Perhaps Meego will not run on any Nokia hardware except n900. Me... moreBut N900 can be overclocked to more than 1ghz