Samsung I9000 Galaxy S gets the official Froyo treatment

15 October, 2010
One of the coolest smartphones currently in existence just got even cooler. Samsung is already seeding the Android 2.2 Froyo update to I9000 Galaxy S units in selected markets and worldwide availability...

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  • tony

Dynamac, 17 Oct 2010For all the people complaining about KIES and have issues connec... morei have installed the latest version of Kies, successfully.
then put my galaxy s through the usb. Nothing, tried again, reinstalled, nothing. the phone shows connected, kies shows nothing. must be the worst program in the world!
any thoughts anyone?

  • thefearfulsilence

sm.gurdeep, 19 Oct 2010Hi, Once the. net framework is installed do not install/unin... moreMany thanks sm.gurdeep. I now have Kies running fine on my PC. Only problem is that Samsung have now gone and pulled the Froyo update (til November anyway). Still I'd rather have a properly functioning Froyo update than a rushed effort.

Btw does anyone know if the one click lag fix will work with Froyo?

  • me

Geconvin, 20 Oct 2010Samsung is - at least sometimes - quite good with hardware. B... moreAnd Apple isnt??????

They are the creed itself....
We are apple fk the other manufactures....
In other words ewery company is a creedy sonofp.....

  • Anonymous

Please Samsung remove you lagy rfs file system with original linux ext4 file system because even in final version of froyo the lag is steel here! Why must guys from XDA do the work for you with lag fixes???

  • Geconvin

NvS, 20 Oct 2010Samsung, here is what you should do, 1) Dump your mobile phone ... moreSamsung is - at least sometimes - quite good with hardware.

But, software, and I mean all software in any of their devices, is crap. Incredibly clumsy user interfaces, even for "simple" devices like TV sets, MP3 players, anything. You name it.

Samsung is a greedy company, hungry for market share numbers, but nothing else. When they were a follower, they really tried hard. Once they got higher market shares, their behavior changed.

That´s also when I left that company after quite some time working for them - I know too much of the freaking negative stuff.

AMOLED is a great hardware solution though. If they only would be able to put the same energy and efforts into software... then maybe they could come a bit closer to the iPhone feeling. Even if they will definitely never ever reach this kind of level. Impossible. Not in a million years.

  • NvS

Samsung fan, 19 Oct 2010Samsung, here is what you should do, 1) Dump FROYO, 2) Dump yo... moreSamsung, here is what you should do,
1) Dump your mobile phone division
2) Dump your useless R&D management system. I know you are not trying hard to correct it and truly want to abandon it, but then why are your trying to reinvent the wheel. It may work on your BADA os and make you rich--Definitely since the money from the fools taste great--but what you are foregoing is the millions you can make on android (SUCK THAT samsung fans).
3) Start working on redemption (get it out before the end of this year and redeem yourself you lousy liar company...!!!!).

  • robocod

Dev, 19 Oct 2010Dear, I got the same problem when i installed Kies at my PC. Th... morehey dev are you using xp? if kies cant spot your phone but the galaxy is trying to connect and can see kies, then you need to downoad an update for windows that enable connections to mobile devices

  • fin

Ok. Ofissial Finland has Froyo, BUT however its servers are down due some bugs on the update (example android market not found on phone) tough some people managed to download it.

To my broplemo... i didnt find option to install phone.
Now the plinking has stoped (maby due to latest kies)
but still the connection doesnt work.
Mass storage works.
next step unmount->mount->format, my sd memory after back up. Hope it works.
If not hmmm...

  • pawan

company is asian , but release everything first in europe

  • CL

Hello Samsung, what about Europe. We are waiting.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2010will this 2.2 froyo update give the galaxys I9000 the ability to... moremine is running 2.1 and already has that feature its under settings>wireless and network>mobile AP setting

  • thefearfulsilence

sm.gurdeep, 19 Oct 2010Hi, Once the. net framework is installed do not install/unin... moreThanks sm.gurdeep. I'll give it a try. I'm ok using ccleaner so here goes....

  • Bilal khan

i love the galaxys but desire hd is coming out very soon and if you dont get android 2.2 before that then people will which or but the desire hd so please get android 2.2 in uk and other countrys before its to late.galaxy s powerful phone but all that power going to wast

  • Anonymous

will this 2.2 froyo update give the galaxys I9000 the ability to act as a mobile hotspot?

  • Anonymous

dear santa, please have samsung hear all these other pleas.

  • Mitul

Thousand's of user in INDIA are still waiting in SAMSUNG QUE for FROYO 2.2 update. Anyone from samsung please confirm the date for india..


  • upyth

froyo for spica asap, please !!!

  • Anonymous

Dear Samsung, Please release Froyo update for Galaxy S soon in Iran and Other persian languages country. Thanks

  • Anonymous

Dear Samsung,

Please release Froyo for Malaysia. This kinda crappy delays shudnt b happening. u know u cud foresee dis kinda probs few months back after or before Galaxy S is being released. it shud b tackled beforehand, not now *sigh*

Thank you.

  • BT

If you dont want to wait for samsung to release froyo for your region, you can upgrade yourself,­=807886

I am from asia, I upgraded to froyo and its really smooth & cool