Another set of Meizu Pro 7 images leak [UPDATED]

19 August, 2016
This comes just a day after a couple of renders alleged to be of device leaked online.

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  • Anonymous


The front look exactly like a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, from home button to edge panel.

  • AnonD-573614

its has same look as Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  • AnonD-491313

Yujikon, 19 Aug 2016looks like samsung s7 edge ... in cheapExcuse me? This thing is gonna be faster by a mile lawl!

  • Anonymous

The edge looks ridiculous. Edge screen is going to be samsung identity, they will never sell the same edge screen on note 7 and s7

  • Jack

Achillias, 19 Aug 2016Those bezels are nothing like the renders, which has been p... moreIt's not like renders they posted erlier but, handling of this one should be much better than bezel less devices.

  • AnonD-248589

Another fail by Meizu.

  • Yujikon

looks like samsung s7 edge ... in cheap

Those bezels are nothing like the renders, which has been posted before. It looks ugly on the new pictures. Not much edge on the screen and to much bezels left. I would rather buy a Nubia Z11.