Galaxy S8 to have dual rear camera, 8 MP selfie snapper and iris scanner

30 August, 2016
A new rumor out of China claims to have all the details regarding the next flagship's cameras.

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  • AnonD-534967

sergi, 01 Sep 2016fm radio is still needed by poor people, who cant afford st... moreIf you are so rich buy all the entire stock of sor note 7

  • minori

I love Qnovo, 01 Sep 2016I already have Xperia Z2 and it is a great phone, the camer... morethe lens cover on my z2 scratched under 1 year of usage, and a lot of review mentioned same thing about sony z phones, lens glass is easy to scratch.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2016so dont buy both samsung and sony phones. all of them dont... moreI already have Xperia Z2 and it is a great phone, the camera lens never scratched under my 2years usage. I really dont want any hump, I suggest Samsung increase the battery capacity to equally the back cover thickness to avoid camera protrude, but at first they must take care of quality control, do you agree?

  • somebody u dont know

AnonD-579212, 01 Sep 2016do ios have bluetooth to transfer files?u are asking this question in 2016 ???????? . wow !!!

  • AnonD-579212

somebody u dont know, 01 Sep 2016iphone screen is 720p .. even 100mb ram is enough for it ..... moredo ios have bluetooth to transfer files?

  • AnonD-453339

Maybe samsung S16 will have 10 camera on back if each year it upgrade 1 camera on the device , and the picture it take will got more wide and more details

  • somebody u dont know

Pr, 01 Sep 2016Am not Apple fan nor android. But few things which is true ... moreiphone screen is 720p .. even 100mb ram is enough for it .. LMAO !!
and why did they add 2gb in 6s ?????? .. have any idea ???? .. because its needed for 4k video recording ... so no features and hence less ram .. as they keep adding feature even they will increase ram .. lets see how apple will support VR with that 2GB ram .. LOL !!!
Go home son !!! .... apple controls the carriers and carriers have to push updates as and when apple launches. Android updates take time as each manufacturer has to update the features for latest OS .. do u even have basic knowledge on these 2 eco systems ?????? .. go do ur homework !!!

  • Pr

Am not Apple fan nor android. But few things which is true . iOS is pretty smooth , iOS gets fast update all iPhone on same day. It's more secure infact no antivirus needed , new app comes first in AppStore , resale value of iPhone is more , it hardly hangs or lag becoz of software which not need more Ram and in year hardly one or two sets launch which make device popular even after one year.
Andriod is open any brand can use andriod mmx , samsung lava etc , more option available then iOS , but for hackers it's easy to hack andriod device , except nexus other brand gets late update ,it need more ram nowdays 6gb running n iOS 1 gb enough .
Descion is urs but iPhone nt everyone can afford n andriod is reach of all this is reality of both software

  • sergi

ganjaboy03, 31 Aug 2016coz not all people r like you,, who doesn't know the import... morefm radio is still needed by poor people, who cant afford streeaming radio via internet.
this feature is useles for expensive flagship devices like s and note series. those devices are targetted for rich users only.

  • AnonD-446067

agh85, 31 Aug 2016How smart....yes its called adopting; adopting to market de... moreOh, like Apple is going to be the first to implement two camera. 'OMG! Two cameras. What an innovation. Android just copied it two years before Apple did it.

  • somebody u dont know

m86k, 31 Aug 2016I wonder if Samsung will succeed in making it more appealin... moreLG is fail brand now .. nobody cares what they put on their phones as most of them still buy it just because of removable battery and nothing else. Even if they had 2mp camera on G5 many would have bought it .. LMAO !!

  • AnonD-493591

somebody u dont know, 31 Aug 2016LG phones can make phone calls ... they are copycats of 199... moreYes that's right, but go look at some of LG's inventions. I don't have time to list all, but the most important is that the first capacitive touchscreen was invented by LG then iPhone came out!

  • aux 6 lover

lol xD edited

  • Anonymous

techlover1, 31 Aug 2016Let's hope that it will be really really great!? But in a n... morehow many of you are willing to pay for that? getting the latest processor for a flagship phone is a must, but 6GB of RAM and 2560p display...are you serious? 1440p is already an overkill aside from the fact that it drains the battery faster. 4GB is enough. learn to close your unused applications. an 8MP selfie shooter? come on! are you planning to crop your selfie photos? a 5MP selfie shooter with a good sensor and lens is enough. a 16MP main camera i believe is better than 12MP for cropping purposes, but you can just move closer to the subject if you like. dual speakers? you'll just end up plugging your headphones or using a bluetooth speaker. a bigger battery is important as without a gas, your car is just a piece of tin can. and of course, a tough screen and IP68 certification.

  • AnonD-234645

PhoneFix, 31 Aug 2016Te manufacturers are nuts.. but unfort. they are driven by ... moreTrue dat.

  • Killero

1st 6GB of RAM, 2nd Dual cameras and then what... 2 displays, one on the front and the other on the back. this is not going to stop.

  • AnonD-569958

AnonD-491921, 31 Aug 2016I also can't understand why all Tech websites(including Dis... more1) never heard of display award.
2) as i said it's about the users (i myself prefer the colors of lcd)
3) not only sammy that has oled screens, and i think we were talking about lcd vs oled, not Samsung vs other brands.
As i said these two screens has totally different ways to function and produces different colors, what you're saying is that when you and 5000 others like one kind of music then me and 5 other people are wrong we have to agree that yours is the best.
4) you can't say that a 1080p 550ppi lcd display isn't better than a 720p 220ppi display, i think this exemple is clear.

  • AnonD-551566

ok a couple of things needs to be said... first of all i like samsung a lot (using A3 atm)
second, those 2 cameras looks weird, i think ppl will get used to them but right now looks really weird...
third and most important, for the next half a year (maybe even more) we'll be fed with LOTS and LOTS of rumours and we'll only know for sure when it's unveiled...
i like to keep track with most of the post here at GSMA, but i'm not comfortable with all the rumours

  • AnonD-294

somebody u dont know, 31 Aug 2016why u can't afford 64 gb micro sd card ????? note 7 has dua... moreMy Note4 has 32 GB built in , so I already bought a 64 GB memorey , but the application and games using the internal memorey by default , my external memorey only useful for Camera or data I transfer from my PC like clips or songs , in Android the internal memorey is the effective storgae

  • ganjaboy03

bhati, 31 Aug 2016i dont know why those people still need ir blaster and fm radio.coz not all people r like you,, who doesn't know the importance of those things