Galaxy S8 to have dual rear camera, 8 MP selfie snapper and iris scanner

30 August, 2016
A new rumor out of China claims to have all the details regarding the next flagship's cameras.

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  • Anonymous

SDKforLumia, 30 Aug 2016Wait a minute. Are we done with Galaxy Note 7 already?Nope, this is just rival Pr tactics, trying to confuse Samsung customers into wondering if they should wait for the S8, its all about trying to stop sales of the Galaxy Note 7 ,now. I'm not buying it,...ha ha, I mean I'm not buying this no sense, a note in the hand ,as they say, is worth 10 S8's that are still not out of the bush, as the song says,"tell me that its JUST a rumor behbey"

  • AnonD-556180

But will the iris scanner work in the dark?

It's definatley a mockup. It's time Samsung changed that bezel on it's cameras. It reminds me of a Nokia camera lenses.

  • SDKforLumia

Wait a minute. Are we done with Galaxy Note 7 already?

the photos looks like the rim of the camera is slightly higher than the glass surface of the cam..this is a very good design..i dunno why none of the OEMs make them the phones rest on the camera lens..on cheaper samsung phones..the camera glass ends up looking like ground glass

  • Anonymous

note 7 is failure. s8 is last chance.

  • hank

its just 1 month pass to launch galaxy note7 and you talking about s8..come on man take some rest.

  • AnonD-572359

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2016So many companies coping HTC One M8Htc is a joke. Who cares about copying as long the device is nice. Htc also copied from chineese companies but still htc sucks. At least samsung is going strong in sales. Htc will blow the nexus devices aswell...

  • AnonD-540746

camera evolution to capture like what human eye can see G5 V20 S8 :)

jesus... People are you really that dumb? obviously its photoshopped thumbnail... Its just a concept, and this is just how it comes to the mind when you hear words (samsung dual camera) and obviously this photo will come to the mind.

Rayne , 30 Aug 2016I will only buy flat screen galaxy s8there will be no flat screens from samsung anymore, all flagships with curved screen.

This image obviously isn't right. No way samsung, which creates it's own phone designs would fu*k up this badly.

  • Anonymous

So many companies coping HTC One M8

And the s8 will feature 3D Touch. Mark my words.

  • AnonD-573944

this is just a fake photo done by Photoshop .do you notice how the right camera looks slightly bigger than the left camera

  • Anonymous

that dual camara configuration looks bad xD I don't se why they would add a second camara but I hope if they do that they get a good design

  • Rayne

I will only buy flat screen galaxy s8