Reliance Jio 4G service is now live, but there are a few things to note

05 September 2016
The pre-paid and post-paid offers both come at tantalizingly low prices, but there are some specific conditions you should know.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-580936, 05 Sep 2016What a useless service the Trivandrum Plammodu Jio outlet people... moreJio is cheating with the customers

  • jacky

pathu, 07 Sep 2016Is there any need to install jio join if I am using HTC One ME D... moreits so funny question pathu

  • sonu kumar

Fix problem of voice call on kitkat based mobile which are LTE supported..

  • Moto User

Hai i had motorola nexus 6 does it support volte . it supports band 3 5 41 . i dosent support band 40.
i had an option enhance LTE for better voice communication but still i cant find volte option on my screen in my phone. Can you please help me out regarding model is XT1103

  • Anonymous

AnonD-581577, 07 Sep 2016why moto g2 can't listed in the list because moto g2 also 4G LTE I cannot make any call from jio sim ....why?

  • rajesh

AnonD-582052, 08 Sep 2016Ambani Pakka Adani re Baba. Not giving service to Mi Note 3 Made... morei m using jio in mi note 3 it's working normally

  • vel

i bought lyf flame 8 mobile but my jio app is not opening eventhough i have network connection

  • Anonymous

prabh, 09 Oct 2016Hii , I ask one think. I have blu energy x smartphone from Ameri... morefirst use Indian permitted mobile, than you can opt for indian sim

  • Anonymous

4GFan, 06 Sep 2016It's a marketing gimmick, there are no FREE lunches, you have to... morePL re-check the same with your data switched off and you will see that the voice calls go through perfectly well in the Jio VoLTE network ... you must check the facts before you publish.

  • Radheshyam

I have Samsung Galaxy on8. I installed My Jio App but bar code not generate. please tell any other trick to generate bar code.

  • prabh

Hii , I ask one think. I have blu energy x smartphone from America and I'm download my jio bar code not show in my phone ..plz slove my problem .

  • leela

You gave the offer of free calling and unlimited 4G service for 3'san awesome offer never saw.But,the calls were not connected easily we have to spent at least 2MIN for every calling.And the 4G service is also worked as 2G service in most of the time,when I used internet........ I GIVE ONLY 2STARS OUT OF 10.I request you to prevent the problems

  • Mantu

How to generate Jio bar code in my vivo y 31 L smartphone

  • Jagannath

I'm jio sim using all coptbal YS

  • motilal

is samsung galaxy s3 i9300 compatible with jio sim? why because this handset has HSDPA network.

  • HRT

Fix problem of voice call on kitkat based mobile which are LTE supported..

  • litu

I I also have jio sim but netwk is very weak in Moto turbo edition ..pls solve this pas soon as possible

  • hiranya das

I like it , i am using jio sim and its giving me good respone ,,, now i can enjoy high speed internet with any problem which is very comfortable for me...

  • suresh choudhary

Everything is bad....plz alert

  • Raaz

Is jio sim supports moto g turbo,if it's support s why my calls are not connecting pls. Resolved my problem..