MeeGo 1.1 for handset released, Nokia N900 users can taste it now

28 October, 2010
After MeeGo 1.0, which was unveiled back in June 2010, you can now welcome the MeeGo 1.1 for handsets. It is now available for download so you can give it a try straight away if you have a Nokia N900 and you...

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  • 3Zs

[deleted post]there should be a like button even here coz your comment was awesome

  • Anonymous

Nokia N900 is a junk phone coz it only supports USA T mobile 3G

  • n900 user

Enyone installed ?Where i can find the info hao to be installed?

  • JahCre

MeeGo,Symbian.....etc is Krap in my view!Not hatting,but comparing what's available in OS right now.Symbian needs serious upgrades!So Android,WP7,i gonna stick with those right now.Those are future OS!SE rule......

  • jazz

if i install the dual boot and have any trouble, will i ba able to re-install the original firmware (i.e. meamo 5)? or is this a permenant mod?

  • Mahmoud

this is great news, i will try it right away

  • Anonymous

so it's lagging.

  • Anonymous

So this invalidates the warranty?

  • nokia enemy!!!

don't like it at all :(

  • Sails

Good news. I'm really looking forward to first real MeeGo phone.