LG Mobile reports poor Q3 results, LGE still holding strong

28 October, 2010
The third quarter of the financial year wasn't particularly successful for the second largest Korean conglomerate. The profit they recorded stands at just over the measly 7 million US dollars, compared to...

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  • sam

As an owner of Optimus 3d, I have to say this: LG - life is NOT GOOD, when it comes to you mobile phone user experience. Extremely poor show. Poor update process no OTA updates, bad experience (take a hint from HTC or Samsung Mobile) the software and user experience is far better than your patched up mobile phone software. HTC makes one of the best looking hardware and their software experience is far better OTA updates are regular.

Take a hint and quit, I was so frustrated using your phone after HTC Desire that I had to sell your 3d phone and buy HTC Sensation XE.. bye bye LG for your crappy experience..

  • Anonymous


Poor customer service;

poor workmanship;

broken promises when it comes to release dates for phones;

poor on releasing software updates;

LG does not listen to customers (example, customers in some countries want an Android 2.1 update for LG optimus gt540 and GW620 both released this year - LG doesn't bother);

LG doesn't release the best phones to other countries eg.LG optimus Z, GD880D, Optimus Chic etc. not available in some countries eg the UK;

Poor customer care;

Poor communication (all you get is a bog-standard email to your questions;

Poor on information;

Lg staff don't even know their company's products!!

  • Anonymous

I still love LG, they used to be such inovators. They'll be back soon.
with all that RD money their spending, they'll be back with a vengence.

  • Nen

Bad software (ROM) support for mobile device (ex: LG KS20, ...) results this, I think. They can sell many devices in a year then lost many client next year cause of support ...
I replaced my LG smart phone by Samsung Galaxy S. I hope Samsung will not do the same thing with Android OS support.

  • k.vodafone

LG nice mobil
i love my mobil gw620
nice LG

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2010Hang in there LG! I still remember the original viewty, prada, a... moreI think the problem with LG is the previous CEO focus too much on short term profit, he is reluctant to pump money into R&D, and that causes the fall of LG. They aren't investing, unlike Samsung which is investing more than $40 billion USD in this year and next year. LG exec rather spun off some division in order to achieve high profit and so everything has disintegrated, they are in the danger of following Motorola footstep if the new CEO does not piece back everything again.

I remember they set a target to be world number 2 mobile phone vendor by 2012, it seems to be quite bleak with Samsung and LG posting contrasting result and widening margin of handset sales. In fact, Samsung latest sales figure had not only widen its lead against LG but brought its margin against Nokia to unprecedented single percentage point. The showdown has just began, i wonder will there be a major shuffling of the top 5 vendor by 2012.

  • T

With LG it always seems to be a lack of support, they launch the phones but then seem to forget the after market. They are not the only company to do so but others have been faster at after market takeup.

What LG need to do is be ahead of the others and set a new level at which after market support is there. Who is going to want to buy a mobile which isn't supported well by the manufacturer.

As an example look at Nokia, sure the OVI store seems to be there more for the smart end of the ranges but look at what is available, a phone with GPS can have onboard maps, having been stuck several times (in the middle of nowhere and without a signal) with an LG and only Google maps (connection reliant)

  • Jiro

I love my LG GD880 Mini..hehoheho

  • Anonymous

Hang in there LG! I still remember the original viewty, prada, and chocolate, they just fell asleep for a year and this is what happens.
they are investing heavily in RD and it should pay off in there next offerings.

  • Anonymous

LG mobiles are badly designed and extremely boring across the board, from low to high end devices. Now wonder they lost 200million+ in mobile devision.. come up with better designs such as the Lg prada etc and then you might have a slight chance to be comepetitive.

  • LG Neo owner

lg should start working on smartphone including android and windows phone 7 OS. They now produce only feature phones. Remember the situation of motorola? They were going to dead before android saved their life. Moreover lg rarely releases any smartphone these days. Wake up LG. show the world again that lg stands for Life's good.

  • Agni

A company can not make market until they don't give better quality
as compare to their competitors who provide better product at same rate and the worst reason behind to low market of lg phone is that they provide ph at that time when other company complete the demand of market

  • Anonymous

LG fans including me will be waiting for the release of killer smartphones of LG. We believe that LG will be rolling out smartphones with super lcd retina like display which lg is the manufacturer,transparent crystal QWERTY slider and NVIDIA Tegra 2 includes 1GHz dual-core processor and powerful but energy-efficient G-Force GPU. Tegra 2 will guarantee excellent browsing and gaming performance plus 1080p video playback.

So LG fans just sit and relax. We still maintain out top 3 position. Good job LG! We believe in you, LG!!!

  • NS

go lg go..

  • bummy

Whatever happend to the company that created LG-Crystal ?

Where is that innovation now? All shitty entry-level feature phones since then. Whats going on?

  • nicksti

We can all be experts now and say we all saw it coming. I do think that somewhere along the way LG stopped making a diversed set of phones that the market wanted.

The Cookie KP500 was a smash hit and they went wild with all the Cookie variants. I thought all they needed was to offer a few minor upgrades like flash, maybe wifi, 3G and that is it.

There is a lack of desireable Android LG phones. The Optimus was the first budget Android phone but it did not catch on. I personally did not like how it looked.

LG's UI got really good with their S-class so that was one step forward. I think the step backwards was that they were the king of stylish phones and their phone lost the appeal.

Let us hope for a better 2011 because consumers win when we have options.

  • SB

They have got everything which is needed to make money on this market:
Proper R&D and Money.
They just not aware of two inventions which are Must these days: Capacitive screen and Multi touch. For example GT540 with its rubbish Donut would be a great Android entry handset if they wouldn't mess it up with this bloody resistive screen.
I feel very sorry for them so can someone please give me they HQ address so I can send them my HTC Desire to look at. :)

  • BinGo

No wonder they have bad results. LG became famous a few years ago with the great touchscreen Viewty with Divx video recording. But since then, all the way down with no innovation and bad phones

  • Prinny

They're like in the same position as Motorola was a bit ago, but not sure if they'll be able to pull it off.

  • Prinny

WinMo7 just came out. Don't bash it down just yet lol