Symbian^3 family grows as Nokia C6-01 starts shipping

4 November, 2010
Today Nokia announced that another of the devices unveiled at this year’s Nokia world started shipping. Nokia C6-01 is the most affordable Symbian^3 handset to date and also the most compact one...

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  • akash from nepal

yeah! this one chip compare to n8,c7 and e7 it is next 5230

  • Anonymous

now i am totally confused between c6-01 and c7. somone please give me some suggestions.

  • rock

Not excited about this phone. I lost trust to symbian. Frustration experience with PIM management, unreliable firmwares, etc. Currently own android phone and ipod touch. So far more reliable than symbian. They work like a charm. Plus android and ios apps are high quality.

  • ilikemobiles

i like nokia , alot of options in mobiles in general

  • Anonymous

tbh, I like C7-style more

  • Anonymous

Awwsome Phone.

  • Bas

I am curious about a review as well. For me I am doubting between N8, C7 and C6-01. I think the C7 will be out because of size vs specs

  • Jason

Is it just me or does this phone look like a better option than a C7. It is a more attractive phone as well.

  • Anonymous

Lol don't be excited nokia will release hundreds of different versions of phones with symbian ^3!

  • Anonymous

I'm lost now

Isn't the C7 which has CBD!!

It would be good if Nokia released something like N8-01 which support CBD and 1GB of ROM (just slightly improved)

  • Nokiaesque

The downgraded memory from C7 is no bummer. This C6-01 is a beauty. Just look at her. Such nice curves. Oh.. and she's quite poweful too. Gotta have it.

  • Symbian

There is only one Symbian, no ^3 or ^4 :)

  • Sails

Really interested in the CBD! Can we get some kind of sneak preview or is the full review coming soon? =)