Google's Android platform turns 3, Gingerbread due on 11 November

5 November, 2010
The Android platform was born on this day three years ago, on 5 November 2007, and the first device based on the platform was introduced nearly one year later, on 22 October when the T-Mobile G1 saw daylight for the...

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All the best for Android

  • niraj

real steal, 13 Jan 2012the best phone is the t-mobile g1...i am still using this phone ... morehow do u have installed v2.2 on htc g1 plssss reply me

  • real steal

the best phone is the t-mobile g1...i am still using this phone and it is amazing. android 2.2 works very well on it

  • gund

havu u ever seen the verizon andoid ads? hahaha

  • spamcannon

mordath, 09 Nov 2010well i've just read from the nov issue of US maxim that studies ... moreno it just shows that you will attract people that are attracted to iphones , you know the shallow image is all clique

  • Anonymous

Mordath, in all honesty, if you're making a handset choice with your penis then you're an idiot.

  • Anonymous

Does this people ever get tired of being steered by this droid dolls at every screen they open lol!
I would smash my phone from tenth flour at any asphalt, annoyed from that childish Lego eyes hahahaa.

  • Kevin

[deleted post]Samsung company only denied the rumour that the samsung nexus s is not Samsung Continuum and they really didn't say a single word about the samsung nexus s. Anyway,check this link below and u will understand.­delayed-due-to-hardware-issues/

  • mordath

well i've just read from the nov issue of US maxim that studies show that you are 10 times more likely to get laid if you'fre sporting an iphone compared to android phones.

i mean really, the iphone does look sexier and a head-turner, that goes if you're a hater or a lover ^_^

  • aaron

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010Lol symbian ^3 is already here!Android is a new and modern os and Symbian seems to be falling behind it. I think Nokia wlll have to go with Meego or something like that soon. Symbian has been there for such a long time, however it proabably has now less apps than Android, even though it's so old and so popular.

  • k9plums

I dont know what all the complaints are about with how often google are bringing new versions out, I'm using a htc hero with froyo using a custom rom, and I never have any problems at all. so at the end of the day its not googles fault the phone manufacturers take so long to update their handsets, and why they release them with bugs again isnt googles fault. and when gingerbread is available, I'll probably update to that, when the hero never will be officially. So the secret is when a new version comes out instead of crying like little girls about when your phone is gonna get the update, just have a search online, and see if you can do it yourself with a custom rom, otherwise just shut up!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010just because you have a smartphone doesn't make you automaticall... moresmartphone was not designed to make the people owning them smart, u dumb. it means the phone itself is smart, that it has many capabilities other than just making calls, and sending texts, like older phones or other "new" ones

  • xtremesv

[deleted post]You're right I'm a happy Win7 user, I have it on my desktop. For my netbook I use Linux Mint.

But I don't get the point of your comment really!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010Lol symbian ^3 is already here!but it's so buggy, so laggy and has so poor interface. os is by far more functional than android, but without front end it's absolutely useless.

  • Anonymous

Lol symbian ^3 is already here!

  • 1337

old phone was iphone 3gs but then i got the htc desire cos of the world of opportunities it allowed me and thanks to the rapidly evolving android os i just keep getting more and more from my desire :D
oh but then again having a desire i dont really have issues with having an old version of android since htc has been pretty fast rolling out the new iterations :)

  • phone seller

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010just because you have a smartphone doesn't make you automaticall... moreuse your head. If you are a manufacturer using the exact same os without any modification as you competitor, then what sets you appart? what is going to make a customer get your over te other, other than specs. I can buy a dell pc if i want to or i can go get a cheap custom computer from my local computer shop, they both run windows.

So dont complain about bloatware mate, i dont want my galaxy to be identical to a htc desire. I like my swype texting and mobile ap.

on topic 3 years is a very short time to achieve what android has done. good work google, keep it up.

  • Anonymous

just because you have a smartphone doesn't make you automatically smart.
if you can't get rid of the bloatware manufacturers put in your phone like pc manufacturers do to your puter maybe you should go to symbian or buy a motorola startac or nokia 3400

  • Anonymous

jjsoviet, 07 Nov 2010We also have the same freedom to crack the bootloaders and wipe ... moreAND android supports it

  • Maestro

what about these androids, ios, wp7 being available for sale or as free ware,
and the user gets to download them & the user manually installs it on his compatible handheld device.
Just like we are able to do it on Comp's which come Os empty.
Phone manufacturers have to be worried about giving the best possible hardware for the price they take.
Who knows, may be double bootable phones will be available too.