HTC Legend gets Froyo, X10 mini and mini pro taste Eclair

7 November, 2010
Itís raining deserts as three Android handsets are about to get updated to a new version of the Google platform. HTC Legend is getting the Froyo update in the coming weeks, while the Sony Ericsson XPERIA...

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  • arvinder singh

HI IAM arvinder singh and good news for indian htc legend users froyo is avilable i update today my mobile and is working great chk ur software upate and see update message

  • Anonymous

but, but, complaining is fun! don't be such a killjoy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010they shouldn't do anything for you .. they updated it to eclair ... morewell, i'd say u work for HTC, however when i see that u claim that hero was out for 2 years now while it's been barely over a year now, then i'd say go read first before posting on stuff u have no idea about,, hero was released august 2010 and it was the companies flagship and costed about 800$ here in sweden untill desire and legend were released

  • Anon

[deleted post]I do own a 2.1 Android and Win Mobile 6.5 phones. The point I am trying to make is that a person knows which version of a you phone are buying. Join XDA Developers or similar and get yourself some new roms, but stop complaining about your current phone. P.S. I will never own anything Apple, too restrictive and overpriced, but that is just my opinion.

  • empees

eclair will get you fat
i want froyo !!!

  • Anonymous

k9plums, 08 Nov 2010if you want the 2.2 update for your hero get on to XDA-developer... moreis that the villain rom?

  • Anon

To all the people moaning about updates on any platform WAKE UP! You bought the phone as it originally was manufactured! If you dont like it any more get rid of it and buy something else. Just stop complaining!

  • k9plums

if you want the 2.2 update for your hero get on to, I'v had 2.2 on my hero for a month or 2 now and it runs sweet as a nut, and its been overclocked so runs even faster still

  • Anonymous

when will nokia do something for n900 ? this is ridiculous i have seen threads on other sites people are still waiting for a freaking voice navigation and the front camera is only for skype video calls. They should be called nokia frusrating people instead of connecting people.

  • FireDragon

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010haha the city bus remark made me laugh out loud :)Haha, even tho I like Sony Ericsson but that was one good example.

  • xd

timmy, 07 Nov 2010 I'm smiling! :) And so is my Legend! :) Keep it so for the "coming weeks" :-)
Me too,smiling and waiting since august.

  • gnodeb

so much crying... take this as medicine...

  • gaponte69

congrats for the LEGEND, but what's about Hero ? Does anyone has info for his soft update 2.2 ?

  • Anonymous

Itís raining deserts. Yes, it's nice to hear the arid regions of our planet are finally getting a break.

  • htc hero

Dear hTC

please bring it to to the hero too.. this update will make our hero run faster and improve the performance.

Both the devices are almost same, this your step will make worldwide hero owners proud of having an htc handset

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010"carrier specific", why I don't want an Android phone.carrier specific only in your country,no restrictions in my is the future.

  • fact is fact

It seems that docomo japan will introduce some explosive surprises by tomorrow ! And some rumors state that the rumored X12 & X11 will be revealed by then.

Let the game begins !

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]yea because all their phones are crap like the n97.. the must do updates to fix things everytime .. unlike htc which update phones for more pleasure and fun and for better experience .. and for your knowledge the legend is amazing now and run smoothly and has better interface than the mighty n8 and the froyo update just to make it more and more superior to other phones
and the hero is updated couple of time before eclair and it's too old for froyo and if nokia is so good why not updating the n97 to symbian 3 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010HTC should release froyo for hero soon or i'll never buy any of ... morethey shouldn't do anything for you .. they updated it to eclair .. what do you want more from a phone after about 2 years old ? sonyericsson and nokia and samsung and lg don't do this .. so which company you will buy from ?

  • Anonymous

HTC should release froyo for hero soon or i'll never buy any of their products anymore,, well i won't anyhow coz their batteries suck!