HTC Legend gets Froyo, X10 mini and mini pro taste Eclair

7 November, 2010
Itís raining deserts as three Android handsets are about to get updated to a new version of the Google platform. HTC Legend is getting the Froyo update in the coming weeks, while the Sony Ericsson XPERIA...

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  • Anonymous

"carrier specific", why I don't want an Android phone.

  • timmy

I'm smiling! :)
And so is my Legend! :)


[deleted post]What a joke dude Nokia is far better in giving support to users
for instance take 5800(2008) and satio(2009) both have same os rite
nokia is still providing updates for 5800 and it has provided kinetic scrolling to main menu what about sony they couldn't even provide a simple kinetic scrolling to satio and they announced to drop symbian fuckers cant admit that they cant handle symbian losers
and the update they are providing for xperia well every2 knows how much time they took lol

  • core

You mentioned about porting S^3 to S^1 devices and that there are no devices with tech specs that are needed for S^3. Does I8910,Satio and Vivaz/Vivaz pro ring any bell. They have enough of cpu/ gpu and ram memory

  • droid

I love android...really do !!! But I'm tired of always waiting for some updates either OS or apps, it's always something with android... spend more time maintaining and tweaking the damn thing than actually using it for it's intended use... u get 2.2 and then you start tweaking it...but there'g bloody Gingerbread... AND UR LIKE.. OMG... will my phone get the update ....official or XDA and like ROM....
O well.... I can't c myself going back to Nokia... not yet anyways :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010For a negative person like you read this: http://blog.gsmarena.... moreyou can't compare the porting of wp7 to the hd 2 to this scenario. The hd2 has the hardware. Porting s^3 to an s^1 device would be like porting symbian to a s40 device, or porting android to an s^1 device. Completely impossible.

  • John

What about HTC Wildfire, when is it getting Android 2.2.

We are in the month of November.......

Sort it out HTC.


  • Anonymous

to be have an update to 2.1 is a necessity. However, a Froyo update is already a blessing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010Symbian 3 can never be ported to s^1 devices. Its just not possi... moreFor a negative person like you read this:­to-htc-hd2-in-the-dev-community-we-trust/

  • Rahul Kate

when can we see Froyo for Milestone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010Symbian 3 can never be ported to s^1 devices. Its just not possi... moreYou seem to be the most negative person on earth!lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010Well have nokia released the minimum hardware requirements for s... moreSymbian 3 can never be ported to s^1 devices. Its just not possible. There might and there are apps to give s^1 devices some of s^3 goodies like spb shell gives then multiple homescreens, but they definitely won't get the os. They would never get Qt support neither would they ever be able to run apps designed for s^3. Why? No gpu. Not enough ram. Comparatively slow processors. If nokia had any intention of updating them, (which like i said earlier is not possible) don't you think they would have said so?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Well have nokia released the minimum hardware requirements for symbian^3, no, hence lets not presume anything. Symbian^3 can be ported to s60V5, or at least the 3 homescreens, don't require any hardware.

  • Dave Jones

My x10 mini is awesome with the update!!! love it!!

  • Anonymous

wtf x10 update not here in the uk yet and mimi pro got it ?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Great device support. Yes. So why would they cripple the fuck out of the Nokia E72? Why didn't they offer the same (mal)treatment to their other devices as well?

  • Anonymous

Time for nokia to update s60v5 phones to symbian^3, it is possible however nokia wont do it since they don't care about customers.

  • Anonymous

haha the city bus remark made me laugh out loud :)

  • Anonymous

bb, 07 Nov 2010"coming weeks" ...we're waiting since august.Htc sucks... morebetter than nothing

  • TuBBz

At last, What SE has done with the X10 is nothing short of scandalous