Microsoft's Nokia 216 is a brand new feature phone for your glovebox

20 September 2016
The handset features a 2.4" 320x240px display and a pair of VGA cameras, each with a flash.

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  • AdamBoy64

This device with 3G would be quite nice.

  • czrczr

This phone has nothing to do with Microsoft. The "Nokia" brand connected to smart phones was on loan to Microsoft while they sunk their phone project. This phone is pure Nokia (they still exist, without Microsoft).

  • Anonymous

has reject list option?


will whatsapp run on this phone

  • jake

will it support both inbox view and conversation view?


Anonymous, 21 Sep 2016Oh my god 7 dollars. Are these 7 dollarsreally that importantUnfortunately yes. XD

  • Anonymous

Another good candidate for my grand parents next phone if they launch it in europe :)

  • Anonymous

KEY-PIE, 21 Sep 2016How I wish this one should be priced at $25-30 :( Oh my god 7 dollars. Are these 7 dollarsreally that important

  • Anonymous

iPhone 7 has none of this killed me :)

  • AnonD-451901

I read it as 16GB RAM.. for a second I was like O_o.. lol


How I wish this one should be priced at $25-30 :(

  • stobs

AnonD-82756, 21 Sep 2016Shut up and take my money o_O

  • AnonD-218710

Why both camera are VGA quality, we already had 230 Nokia n market. Useless pics and not support whatsapp anyway.

  • King's

nokia 515 far,,far,,,better,,,!!!!

  • AnonD-82756

Shut up and take my money

  • Anonymous

AnonD-383472, 21 Sep 2016Should have 4g and SD 820, running Nougat Probably this dec 2016

These are gorgeous little phones like the ones of old. We were mostly all quite happy with these gems. They should just make a powerful little one of these. I'd be happy to get one as an additional. Theirs something nice about these type of devices.

  • AnonD-454835

a, 20 Sep 2016That was indeed a dumb phone coz Nokia has no phone at 850 ... morethat was not nokia, FYI. You didn't understand what i wanted to say. I meant why would I spend 2500 rupees on a dumb phone when i can get similar dumb phone for 850 rupees, just for those two shit cameras?

  • Anonymous

i love nokia.

  • AdamBoy64

Man, that light blue looks nice.
Unfortunately 2G support only makes it a bit difficult in my region. Looks like a nice phone though.