Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 successor, the Anzu, spotted

10 November, 2010
It's only been a week since the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 got its long awaited Android 2.1 update and now we get to meet its successor, the Anzu a.k.a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12. The first live shot of the...

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  • SFAN

To ladies and gentlemen...
2.3 Gingerbread OS is for phones
3.0 ("honeycomb?") is for Tablets

By the way, you don't really need xenon flash. In fact, if you have LED flash, you can use it as a light torch =). Xenon flash requires a charge before you can lit it up... There's always pros and cons.

  • Anonymous

by the time this gets released there will be other better alternatives like Nokia N9 with MeeGo OS, Motorola and LG with nvidia Tegra 2 chip (which can even run unreal engine graphics natively).

and I agree with who said 4" screen is more than enough for a "smartphone", anything more than this must be considered a mini-tablet.

  • xXx

i cant to see the official announcement from SE

  • saravana

i want hazel like mobile with xenon flash and its even better to have touch and type

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]hmm but it doesn't have a Xenon Flash or 1/1.83 sensor :( so the quality must suck

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2010NO Xenon flash. Sigh, it won't be the best cameraphone. I would ... more0h! No n0 n0 n0!

correction! its n0t a camera phone,


and 12mp was just a bonus that s.e.was so kind to give that deal..understand?

D0 Y0U Understand?!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2010if its 12mp hope it has a xenon flash NO Xenon flash. Sigh, it won't be the best cameraphone. I would pick a HTC desire HD.

  • Tautvydas

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2010plzz tell will x10 get 2.2 froyo as it has the hardware for it i... moreNo. Eclair will be a "last kick"

  • Anonymous

plzz tell will x10 get 2.2 froyo as it has the hardware for it i guess

i think 1ghz is enough 2 handle froyo :D hope they update it to 2.2 x10 :)

  • Anonymous

$ony are terrible at making phones. Iphones are the best, they dont break down and are uptodate wit software.

  • Anonymous

is gingerbread launching tomorrow ?

  • Anonymous

if its 12mp hope it has a xenon flash

  • Anonymous

hope the slim body doesnt mean compromise in battery life

  • Anonymous

cant you read the current beta version has eclair but it will ship with gingerbread

  • Anonymous

PLEASE HAVE TMOBILE 3G BANDS!!! And be hspa+ capable. And come to Tmo US so I can buy it at subsidized pricing.

  • David

Dear good let it be a good screen that can compete with super amoled. I currently own the samsung wave and I can not change to a less extraordinary screen.

  • zipolly

After the fiasco with the X10 i for one will never buy another sony phone !!!!!! Support is an absolute joke as is the phone .

  • Gamma Sharma

Great features. Hope it has Multi Touch, Flash Support, and DivX support.

Looking forward to an upgrade to x8 too with better camera and multi touch.

  • kinlomo

i am doubting this because if you look at all the xperia family, you will realise that the bar housing the battery indicator, signal strength, and other phone activities (task bar) on this picture is not similar to those of the xperia family. Sony Ericsson xperia does not have this inndicators as theirs is very smooth and metalic (aluminium), unlike this which has the battery indicator to be ash and green and bulky.

i realy doubt this pictures and information. i stand to be corrected and proven wrong.

if it's realy true, i cant wait to get my hands on 1 next year. i enjoy my xperia x10i with 2.1 (Eclair)

  • distributor

i am so happy , i love sony ericsson