BlackBerry won't develop any more phones by itself

28 September 2016
That said, we'll still have BlackBerry-branded devices on the market, only these will be fully designed and built by partners.

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  • Cheechee

ThePhenomPoltergeist, 29 Sep 2016Bye Blackberry, you will no longer be a threat. Oh I forgot... moreYou can at least say a proper, dignified and respectful goodbye to a company who pioneered the always-on instant messaging that you are enjoying now using other platforms. You do not have to diss a company for not meeting your expectations and standards. You owe it to the old tech for all the things you are using now.

  • AnonD-145833

AnonD-587142, 28 Sep 2016HMD Global is a Finnish company runs by Nokia's old employe... moreThe point I'm making is if Nokia can make comebacks despite going broke and propped by Microsoft for a shortwhile then why not Blackberry who at least have good software portfolio?

As far as designing your handsets, if you're putting out a 5" slab there is already thousands to choose from. They all mostly look the same and doesn't impact the actual usage. That is Android.

That's how it works in car business, fashion business and many other business-to-business markets. Focus on what you're strength is. Nokia made good hardware, slow on the software offerings. Blackberry didn't make great hardware but they had some software properties which they now can leverage on all platforms. So why make devices whose margins are not so high?

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry has signed an agreement with PT. BB Merah Putih to produce Android powered phones in Indonesia.

Linas, 29 Sep 2016nigher software anymore, because BB now going to be Chinese... moreIf I were a president of the firm, I'd have all sales people use BB's android.
They still has edge in security department.
(According to the National Vulnerability Database, iOS has three times greater vulnerability than Android, in fact...)
But from a personal-use viewpoint, I don't... just go with the other Android phone tickles my heart

  • Anonymous

kmb877, 29 Sep 2016Try Apple!or jail

  • Linas

303tk4, 29 Sep 2016This is rather good move, because in terms of BB's customer... morenigher software anymore, because BB now going to be Chinese phone running android skin.. Not very original, nor worth buying is it?

This is rather good move, because in terms of BB's customer's concern, hardware spec won't be a priority.
Given there're numbers of potential parters out there so it could still involve in hardware design when the time comes.

  • AnonD-552536

thnx , me and SuraZ ll develop it further after judgement day

  • AnonD-538748

AnonD-587142, 28 Sep 2016HMD Global is a Finnish company runs by Nokia's old employe... moreBest reply mate....

  • Gerry

I have got blackberry passport I need it to run android apps is it possible to change it to android even by cracking.

  • Grim Reaper

rip bb!!

  • Abdul

Are they going to license their name to Indonesian telecom joint venture? Well... Expect no privacy, no maintenance, and no after sales service. Don't believe me? Look at those bbm invite spams. They are mostly from Indonesia. Why? Because the telecoms in Indonesia sell their customers'data and PIN to third party i.e. marketing companies.

Maintenance and after sales service (warranty) is nearly non existent here in Indonesia. When you claim a warranty, you will be sent back and forth like a ping pong game between the vendor and their 'appointed' service centre. And to add insult, at the end they will say it's the customer's fault therefore the warranty is void.

Good luck BB patrons!

  • ThePhenomPoltergeist

Bye Blackberry, you will no longer be a threat. Oh I forgot, you're not a threat anyways.

  • JJ

Is BB less secure due to outsourcing cell phones to C companies!?

  • AnonD-442781

nik.007, 28 Sep 2016Was expecting some nostalgic comments and a dive through th... moreThat era ended in 2012 and overstayed its welcome.

  • Anonymous

BB with chinese sht on it?

  • kmb877

Pepa, 28 Sep 2016I know it. After I migrated from my brilliant Nokia N9 with... moreTry Apple!

  • Anonymous

Rebadging is nothing new now...

Even car manufacturers do that...

  • Yossi

Pity & painfull to me & to all who appriciate a decent clean office device,
Android is toys for big boys, gadget & time pusher, Iphone has to many strings attached, making u feel locked up & bound to its ruels, Blackberry please dont give up!

  • AsusTech

AnonD-587142, 28 Sep 2016BlackBerry market cap is $4.7 billion. Nokia's market cap ... morehe's maybe referring to what Microsoft did to Nokia and not the Nokia brand itself, laughable when people like him opens their mouth and knows nothing