OnePlus X finally gets Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update starting today

28 September 2016
It's happening almost one full year after the initial release of this Android version.

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  • xTREMEwow
  • S4s
  • 28 Sep 2016

this is for all other brands who used SD801 in 2014 and dont update to Marshmallow!!

OnePlus take it to the next level and do a excelent job...all other brands need to follow.

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    • AnonD-590740
    • g36
    • 28 Sep 2016

    The day is not very far for One Plus, Oppo and Xiaomi to take most of the share of the mobile market. People are getting smart. Good job one plus! They did something so called big oems never did or will do, taking care of the past customers.

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      • Anonymous
      • 3SI
      • 28 Sep 2016

      I know that feeling *Sony Xperia M4 Aqua user*