Confirmed: Google's Pixel and Pixel XL have IP53 dust and water resistance

05 October 2016
While it's good to get the rumored spec officially acknowledged, this still doesn't live up to what the Pixels' biggest competitors can boast.

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  • Lia

.alpha, 06 Oct 2016IP53 means it is just better than naked circuit board. Wrap... more....yes.
Given circuit board would also be about as good as the iPhone and galaxy.

  • .alpha

IP53 means it is just better than naked circuit board. Wrap a circuit board in tin fold would give you higher protection rating.

  • legallydumb

Google didnt want to mention that its IP53 cause all normal phones are protected at that rate. I can walk in rain and take picture in rain with my Nexus 6p and have done it few times already. Nothing to brag about when you only have IP53 protection.
The price standpoint for the new google phones without the higher rating of protection is totally whack.
I feel iPhone 7 gives you more bang for your money than Google Pixel.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2016it seem you wanna bring your phone to the most extreme cond... moreYes, for device with "water protection" 3 shower, bath and pool are extreme conditions indeed.

  • AnonD-315435

Many old Nokia phones are water proof phones but they never advertised. If Nokia should have been still there they may innovate more in display / cameras. That too below $500.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-312515, 06 Oct 2016Okay that's pretty freakin impressive, I can totally see Ap... moreI really wish Sharp would also release their phones worldwide.... I mean they are the same as Sony in Quality build (Japan) but more innovative...

AnonD-190141, 05 Oct 2016And how much did the 6s cost without it? I remember the days when Nokia N95 cost $1000 or similar. with 2.6" screen, 5mp camera ect.

Don't look into the past, compare with current models. Current models have far superior water and dust protection at the same or lower price point.

  • zehata

People don't swim with their phones! They:
- do not bathe their phone
- wash lightly when there is dust
- use a earphone
- do not like exploding phones

  • AnonD-312515

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2016Str8 outta 2008, meanwhile we have sharp showcasing concept... moreOkay that's pretty freakin impressive, I can totally see Apple or Samsung ripping it off. It's like the Sharp Aquos Crystal but on a whole nother level.

  • AnonD-312515

Meto, 05 Oct 2016It doesn't justify the price! As a Nexus fan I've been wait... moreNooooo Google loves you ;_;

  • AnonD-312515

AnonD-428442, 06 Oct 2016Most devices would probably pass this certification, thus G... moreExcellent point pika!

  • AnonD-196373

Is there any notification LED.. ?? I couldn't find any..

  • AnonD-251354

forgetting to include the first phone maker to announce waterproofing on a flagship phone. wow

  • AnonD-289575

Meto, 05 Oct 2016It doesn't justify the price! As a Nexus fan I've been wait... more"don't do this to me senpai" -google

  • Anonymous

What's the big deal, suddenly Samsung and especially apple get higher protection means every phone competing directly with them should have it, nobody complained when Sony was the only one doing it.

  • AnonD-428442

Most devices would probably pass this certification, thus Google didn't bother to advertise it since it will only put a spotlight that their premium smartphone is less than the others.

  • Claes de Vrieslaan

forget the IP68, i meant IP49 so i can spray it with high-pressure water and drop it out of my pocket without problems. The better give me this for 1K or IP59 is also enough.

  • Claes de Vrieslaan

For 1K you better give IP68 or something higher than that,
For 1K you better give me an 2160p front camera.
For 1K you better give a scratch free phone.
Android is known for pleasure and good quality for good prices.
In my eyes even i'm a Android guy. I'll never buy an Android phone for more than $500 and $700 for an iPhone cause i don't see any difference in nothing. For more than $300 to $400 you already got an excellent phone so where is Google coming with. They try to get premium but knock off Nexus and go for this crap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2016True! It is look like cheap chinese phone. *chuckle*
while everyone agree this phone somewhat familiar design with iphone and you said chinese phone.. are you blind? oh wait, iphones are assembled in china..

  • AnonD-204927

It's worth mentioning that most phones are IP53, such as the previous Nexus phones.

They don't advertise it is because it is normal.