Nexus S spy shots confirm Gingerbread, Galaxy S similarity

25 November, 2010
The Nexus S rumors strike again, this time with an arsenal of new photos. These photos confirm Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Samsung as the manufacturer and there are some new details on the specs...

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  • Anonymous

lack of 4G is very disappointing

  • Anonymous

I don't see any promised improvements on UI. Still not nice. Not ugly, but not mind-blowing, not even nice.

  • raz1

this sucks !!! this ..."phone" is never going to replace my n1 !!

  • Anonymous

Where is froyo................for galaxy s then try gingerbread for new ones

  • J-izzle

Does anyone have 3D glasses, it think the images will become much clearer.

  • SOSmonster

This blows. I loved my original Nexus, it was so groundbreaking at the time and made all my 3GS-owning friends jealous... bright screen, lovely velvet form, live wallpapers and swype...

This Nexus is just a vanilla Galaxy S. It's not ahead of the curve.

Hell, it's not released yet and already behind the curve. And made of nasty plastic... it has become the very thing I hate, a 3GS!!!

  • Anonymous

ye!! this is the perfect phone!!! galaxys with flash!!

  • chocoberry

328MB is not a typo. It has a 512MB RAM with some megabytes are reserved for RAMdisk, GPU, modem, etc. So only 328MB is shown in the OS.

  • Moo

wow, another samsung plasticky s.. just what we need :P

  • jjsoviet

Bill, 26 Nov 2010Sorry, but this s*** looks out of date before its even released.... moreSure, let it bake cakes and teleport while you're at it.

The truth is, having multiple bleeding-edge tech all in one phone will bog it down in terms of cost efficiency. This is why there is no phone with features like what you said right now.

  • Bill

Sorry, but this s*** looks out of date before its even released. I do not hold Samsung accountable, more or less it is Google and Android I hold accountable for slowing down progress in the mobile world, you loser fanboys are going to say open source BS, who gives a crap what that is because to Joe Public, it doesn't matter to him, he wants to see progression with what the hardware can do, not some silly ass upgrade to Android, this is not progression. Exactly what is new about this other than the Super AMOLED 2 tech? There's been little to no change, the HD recording should be 1080p, camera should have xenon double LED loaded with a 16mp snapper and auto focus, holographic videocalling and advanced 3D accelerometer GPS Navigation and next generation augmented reality with holographic projection with dedicated 3D graphics. Should be a minimum of at least 1.5ghz-2ghz, but seeing as the tech isn't available for smartphones yet in the year 2010 and soon to be 2011 seems ridiculous.

Nexus One, flop, Nexus Two, flop. Rulebook:

Never allow the American companies to dictate the phone market, they may be top dogs next to Nokia right now but with them they drag the rest of the more developed markets such as Europe down by slowing down the technology.

WTF, these specs belong in the year 2009, ffs, bring something 'ing fresh to the table.

Please sort out that 2007 looking interface

  • ACR

This means Galaxy S will get Gingerbread pretty fast.

  • Keeks

Can Samsung just STOP rushing news devices ...and start paying attention to its market....and when the 2.3 is going to be released anyway ...???!!!

  • jjsoviet

Think of it, maybe the "downgraded" specs of the phone would prove that Gingerbread doesn't need high requirements to match, or even outperform, Froyo in terms of speed and efficiency.

  • Anonymous

rubbish. How can this phone's specs be worse than Galaxy S.

  • Anonymous

This is a Google phone made by Samsung. Don't get why people are slagging off Samsung.It's google who have chosen Samsung to manufacture this phone, and google have set out the specs they want. They could of requested a metal body like on the Samsung Wave, but i guess that would of pushed googles unit price up.

Personally I like to see actual real product specs and hands on review before making my mind up.

  • Anonymous

The only reason didn't make a fuss about gingerbread is because it's very similar to froyo. Otherwise, they would be bothering us by how amazing it is, and how many added features are there. Let's face it gingerbread is nice for sure but it seems a little boost for Froyo nothing major through.

And knowing that the new nexus s will be this big and ugy but no thanks I'll pass, I loved the nexus1 but the new nexus just looks horrible!!

  • Anonymous

samsung are so boring they keep releasing like 1000 phones every minute, u seriously don't feel unique buying a samsung !! I mean why do people blame them for using cheap and plasticy material it make sense since they never stop making phones and clones with the same looks! Boring

  • noro

i'm so disapointed...really! if this is the next google phone then..i will not buy this plastik shitty toy! hate the iphone'ish design and similarity,totally disapointed! Why in the god's name they could not come with a new intriguind design?it's so SAMSUNG! making 1000 modelf of phone with same design and small changes...LAME!

  • Carlos

Looks just like froyo