Nexus S spy shots confirm Gingerbread, Galaxy S similarity

25 November, 2010
The Nexus S rumors strike again, this time with an arsenal of new photos. These photos confirm Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Samsung as the manufacturer and there are some new details on the specs...

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  • Manosoma

UI V. Gingerbread Froyo Looks like it just like a shift change icon color? / / Miss hTC Sense, Touchwiz, Motoblur up soon Oh Oh + +.

  • Anonymous

Whats more disappointing is crappy spec of new Galaxy S variant , youd think they would up the ram to 1gig atleast... 768, but nooo its just a re brand with some curves.

  • 2.3

If that's gingerbread, I'm disappointed.

  • zkieh

The samsung strikes again..
nothing important aside the new gingerbread OS, specc.. (thinking??)]
Samsung is great company especially for making mobile phone.. but...
my question is..... why samsung is stuck with designs, structures of their mobile phone?? You know what I think... Eventhough...Samsung is nice phone.. no doubt.

  • adorable

samsung,use the retina display technolgoy, or soon we`ll use a phone with the size of a tv!!

  • distributor

[deleted post]u are fast like android

  • Anonymous

I would prefer a omnia 7 design....

  • Anonymous

notgonnahavit, 25 Nov 2010Great! A new plastic toy from Samsung.i think plastic is ok, it is light and grips more than a metal

  • notgonnahavit

Great! A new plastic toy from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

too much bling bling for me..


  • 5

looks promising but i rather wait and see it on MWC in feb theres a lot of new phones will be there.