New Xiaomi phone with octa-core SoC and 3GB RAM leaks online

10 October 2016
It has 64GB internal memory, runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based MIUI 8, and also supports VoLTE.

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  • Anonymous

dev, 10 Oct 2016The phone nobody asked for. Nobody asked for, but many will buy :)

  • Omid46

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2016Xiaomi phones full of spyware. plz install custom ROMS and... moreThanks for your constructive recommendations!Justice Rights.

and yeah it should be the mi5 mini going by the screenshot of the image!! i wish it had no explosives!!! BOOM.

what.... wait a second!!!!! When did helio x20 become an octa core processor :o

  • Anonymous

Definitely the Mi5 mini.

It looks to be 4.5-4.7 inch

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi phones full of spyware.
plz install custom ROMS and use them after a tedious procedure to unlock the bootloader

  • me

Yujikon, 10 Oct 2016What's the screensize??dont know

  • AnonD-312515

Samsung front, iPhone back, nice.

  • AnonD-595869

But no SnapDragon 820 and 4GB DDR4 , this should be priced at 15k INR or $214

  • AnonD-133070

Its seems like Mi5 light version with having a Helio P20 processor.

  • Yujikon

What's the screensize??

  • Liv

Xiaomi MI5 lost the digital scanner .y can return my MI5

  • AnonD-491313

Just another midranger phone from a company that makes Soggy Graham Crackers .-.

I suppose the Note 7 incident is bad, but this is a joke.

I totally understand that some people like this brand and im not inciting any hatred towards them at all, just what theyr actuation point is. Also heard some pretty scary import stories nonetheless, people losing 400€... sweet.

  • Anonymous

iPhone reborn : the miPhone

  • AnonD-587428

Just to note that this is a duel LED flash, you can clearly see the orange LED which is never used as a single LED(in the larger images seen at other sites). They have used Apples round dual LED, it's not hard to do.

This is obviously to spear the likes of Vivo and Oppo in the back by following their trend of providing super thin iPhone like flagship phones with a mid range processor. No doubt it'll be a lot cheaper and than the aforementioned and likely packed with more features.

I personally don't think we will see official international sales, it's likely for their own back yard. It seems like Xiaomi are hitting back hard in China this year.

  • AnonD-221755

Kristic, 10 Oct 2016With P20 Soc, 3GB Ram it won't be a priced similar to Mi5s.... moreYou can thank the Indian import regulations for that. But India isn't the only one, I would love for them to sell it officially in Europe.

  • Kristic

With P20 Soc, 3GB Ram it won't be a priced similar to Mi5s..
And rightly said single LED flash it must be one more Redmi Series phone which launches in China and won't come to INDIA.

Don't know what xiaomi's strategy is Redmi note 4, Redmi Pro, Mi5S & Mi5S Plus nothing's coming to India with a snapdragon SoC??

  • Anonymous

Single LED Flash, Redmi series detected.

  • Anonymous

When this with a mid range Medatek will have the same price as high end snapdragon, it will be a fail

  • dev

The phone nobody asked for.