Samsung permanently discontinues the Galaxy Note7

11 October 2016
Production ends worldwide.

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  • D9

Failure is only make them stronger. I love Note series, it's the best!

they said ALL NOTE 7. Why they wont accept my Note 7? I do buy it in Singapore from Ebay and still they wont accept it because they only accept Note 7 Philippines only.

  • AnonD-580867

AnonD-370043, 11 Oct 2016Lol.. Nice joke . S8 & Note8 this time Could launch Roc... moreYou are slightly ignorant of the way the world works. If anything this will help them build a stronger support base. A single component in its design failed and they acknowledged it. Pushing the envelope is never gonna be easy. Safe incremental development like the Iphone 7 dull as hell.

the discontinuing decision will also effects financially on the cases, screen protectors and accessories makers who manufactured such products for that dead samsung!
too much money went to trash!

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2016Because they can just recall the battery. Or you can just b... moreThe new safe battery is chinese battery from ATL. Still explode. The problem is not the battery only. It is the size of the phone. The phone battery slot is too small for the battery. Thats what some theory suggests. Even if you have removable battery, put any battery it will still explode.

Maybe they should sell those units to the army. Can be used like hand grenades.

  • AnonD-597149

for those with conspiracy theories, from now on please use common sense
how is it some other company or country mess with samsung in his own home (south korea) ??

andri, 13 Oct 2016i hope these would end Samsung's non-removable battery madn... moreNo. It is the start of fireproof phone. Lol.

AnonD-370043, 11 Oct 2016Yes, the heating issues of snapdragon was a samsung Fault..... moreTSMC also made the overheating SD810. Btw, future iphone will use Samsung's Superamoled. When that moment comes, you will see a lot of fans war. Ask your Apple why they never invent anything. Keep using other companies component. Samsung are mostly using in-house component.

  • andri

i hope these would end Samsung's non-removable battery madness.

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2016Lag and explosions. Horrible device. each with his opinions. THAT'S the plus in being humans.

  • Anonymous

Not a single one Note 7 on ebay all has been removed

Ultra Maniac, 12 Oct 2016Maybe they should sell those units to the army. Can be used... moreHaha.. Epic comment :D

  • Kevin

Im so glad i bought the note 5, lol. Works like a charm and it doesn't explode. I have it since Febuary 2016 and no issues at all. Maybe Samsung will focus more on updating older notes for this year meanwhile we wait for the note 8.

Maybe they should sell those units to the army. Can be used like hand grenades.

  • wee

too bad i realy wanted to buy a note 7 when the price would go down a little bit in my country ( 900 usd was the release price and almost no price down since).

  • Anonymous

Samsung has not need in any point of view to think about Apple's iPhone 7 release and launch note7 well in advance. If Samsung has taken enough time and had released the note7 even after the launch of iPhone 7 sales of note7 would have been good. Hope Samsung will work on the issues and release next note maybe note8 and meet our demands as earlier. Hard luck and good luck for the next note....

  • nix

what a failure samsung

Most unfortunate. They were either pretty lethargic or their designers were under tremendous pressure with dangerously dipping product cycle times. That's for Samsung's internal investigation and the damage is done. Im no fan of Apple, but their business model is simple with yearly release, unlike samsung tech business units who work on multiple projects which is their strength most of the times, but sometimes double edged sword. Sadly this mishap happened to their Emperor of flagship fleet series. As for consumers, its time always to look for alternatives. Hope the void is not filled by cheap Chinese knock-offs, but by other renown brands.

  • abr