Nokia CEO to speak at MWC 2017 keynote

17 October 2016
Chances of new phone: low.

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  • beterfly08

im still waiting for nokia ,pls back again ,waiting for d1c or any phones under nougat

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2016Not only Meego but also Symbian was a good OS up till some extend Meego is the best, Symbian without a true change is a dead OS regardless its popularity.

  • Anonymous

R.E.D.E.E.M.E.R, 19 Oct 2016In my opinion, Meego, Sailfish would be the second solution for ... moreNot only Meego but also Symbian was a good OS up till some extend

  • Alien

AnonD-569840, 18 Oct 2016pathetic ignorant,the D series looked nothing like any Nokia,jus... moreGezz, go wriet a book or something and call it: How I kiss Shamy's AZ.
This is a comment section, not your blog..

  • i love nokia

Calm down people! Stop your arguments. Let's look forward of what Nokia can bring to the table.

In my opinion, Meego, Sailfish would be the second solution for Nokia to rise up and compete again. Not only Andriod.

They should learn from Nokia N9.

Sailfish is a promising OS and good competitor to Andriod

  • AnonD-405901

AnonD-569840, 18 Oct 2016you have to be extremely stupid to think that people commenting ... moreAnother mo*on, I'm talking about Nokia releasing Android phone! Who wouldn't buy that? See the comments here, most people are wishing for it NOT Windows crap!

  • AnonD-569840

Alien , 18 Oct 2016Just because you're a Sammy boy toy doesn't make you an expert. ... morepathetic ignorant,the D series looked nothing like any Nokia,just check here on gsmarena,u know nothing about smartphones,just go compare what Samsung and Nokia had to offer back in 2009 u will understand what i m talking about,Nokia was late to the touch screen revolution and fail to catch up,Samsung started to kill Nokia even before adopting android,and for your info Symbian became an open source in 2008 and was used by many other manufactures including Lenovo, LG , Panasonic,Siemens Mobile and Sony Ericsson,but the omnia HD was the best of them all, the first phone capable of playing and recording 720p HD video,samsung aint no Chinese brand man,this is a company that created a strong brand reputation in the tech industry for decades prior to get into the cellphone business,today almost everybody has a Samsung electronic device in their home,dont compare Samsung to a small brand like nokia that was sold to Microsoft for way less than what Facebook paid for whatsapp,Samsung is a global leader in screen technology, TVs, batteries, and chip design.what!! samsung not innovative!! u must be crazy,Samsung is one of the most innovative tech company in the world,Samsung also has one of the world’s largest patent portfolios in categories like aerospace, automotive, biotech, domestic appliances, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor,in 2015 Samsung invested a total of $13.8 billion on R&D, with approximately one-quarter of the company’s employees working in this area,that's like twice the value of Nokia,let me give u some of the many Samsung achievements in the phone industry ,In 2003 it was the first to do away with an external antenna not nokia go check,Samsung pioneered the Super AMOLED displays which is arguably the best on the market right now,which even nokia has previously used on their windows phones for the amazing color reproduction,Samsung is the first company to introduce and mass produce curved smart phone displays... keep quiet if u know nothing

  • Alien

AnonD-569840, 18 Oct 2016u know nothing calm down,back in 2007 Samsung D series was amazi... moreJust because you're a Sammy boy toy doesn't make you an expert. First of all, I never said anything about touchscreen. I'm not interested in this topic, though I think that the phone that revolutionized the touchscreens was the iPhone. Even though I'm not an apple fan, I admit they destroyed the other touchscreen phones when it came out. Those stylus WM phones had very crappy touchscreens.
Now, Shamesung copied Symbian from Nokia just how the chinese brands are doing today. Symbian was invented by Nokia.
Also, maybe in your country it wasn't so advertised, but everyone remembers the Nokia Communicator. From there the smartphone era really begun. Shamesung is only a copycat when it comes to real innovation. Your precious D phone was only a Nokia clone. And don't give me that oh, it had metal case and it was 1000bucks when Nokia had the almighty 8910 TITANIUM.
Name one thing Shamesung was first in smartphones. Face it, as much as it hurts, Shamesung was built on Nokia foundation. They only rose because Nokia went with WM and Shamesung went with Android.
Go troll somewhere else..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-569840, 18 Oct 2016dead as walking dead,A brand so dead that Microsoft decided to r... moreMicrosoft was the only company which killed Nokia, else it had chances to survive. Please get some info before commenting

  • AnonD-569840

Alien , 18 Oct 2016Geezz so many haters here and if you think about it a little, th... moreu know nothing calm down,back in 2007 Samsung D series was amazing and super popular, i had a limited metallic D series bought for more than $1000,that phone was so captivating and no way cheap,the problem with Nokia was not only the operating system,but mostly the fact that their technology was lagging behind apple and Samsung,cause in 2008 when i got the popular Samsung touch screen omnia i900 windows mobile,Nokia still had no real touch screen phone!!! the smartphone arena was between Samsung and apple,then Nokia came up with the 5800 XpressMusic,damn not only the os was hideous,the touch screen was so horrible,meanwhile Samsung had matured and outsold them with the amazing omnia HD on their own Symbian os ,which paved the way for the galaxy series,forum.xda-developers was the thing back then,the true smartphone geeks know what i m talking about,man Samsung got us hooked way before android. i dont expect u to understand u know nothing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2016I think Nokia is quiet about anything regarding phones/tablets b... moreAnd a good decision too. Since HMD Global is manned by former Nokia executives, they knew the brand's inner workings and the weight of the responsibility they have to 'revive' Nokia.

  • AnonD-569840

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2016Dude you have no idea what you talking about , what do you under... moredead as walking dead,A brand so dead that Microsoft decided to remove it from the lumia line,nokia for real!!! are we in 2005 !!

  • AnonD-569840

AnonD-405901, 18 Oct 2016You're dumb, people didn't buy 3 years back because of outdated ... moreyou have to be extremely stupid to think that people commenting here drive the market,windows mobile mobile aint that bad,still people didn't buy nokia,you stuck in the past,Nokia is dead deal with it

  • Philippines loves NO

filipinos are eagerly waiting for nokia to arrive in our shores.

release the kraken!

we love you nokia! bring back the glory! we are here to support you!

NOKIA is NOKIA ... That's right from early beginning & dominating till Mr. Elop the Smart A$$ man screwed this company for good and ran away. From Symbian, Maemo, Meego, which was the successor of Linux. All of these OS were destroyed from this stupid man for the sake of Micro Fail.

Also this stupid man decided to kill Meego which by far more better and stable than windows shit, this os which is going to be canceled in Lumia phones this year.

He insisted to kill Meego. Thanks elop.

  • Anonymous

i miss you nokia make a high end phone im waiting

  • AnonD-125478

we dont want Nokia back in hurry and neither come in late, well if Nokia has to come with mid-ranger phone, I'm pretty sure people will give it a try, we all know how Nokia could blast the market with its surprise...

  • AnonD-598519

please nokia you're the only hope of a big sensor camera smartphone with a 1 inch sensor, and zenon and led flash like the old gorgeous 808 pureview

  • AnonD-564674

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2016Low priced ? You mean overpriced? Just like before.I like ur answer, my man...

Nokia's pride won't allow them to price their device,even the crap one like Nokia X series, cheap.
The thing about Nokia that Samsung copy is: make ur brand as famous as possible which creates BRAND POWER, then sell ur product AS EXPENSIVE AS POSSIBLE, even if people call u INSANE"