Xiaomi Mi Note 2 rumored to cost as much as $845

17 October 2016
According to a new rumor out of China, this might be the most expensive Xiaomi phone ever.

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  • Anonymous

$800+ seems exagerrated
Right now the mi5s plus 6gb/128gb is below $500 selling already . very similar specs except maybe for the display

  • AnonD-282770

leehuang, 18 Oct 2016Well if this is true then Apple iPhone is the better choice... moreNow everyone launching phones above 800+ USD, iphones seems to be cheaper option now.

  • AnonD-579403

I really hope that is a single core benchmark or something because +$800 for this phone is a lot :S

  • J.p

Vivo 5 max elite is better than mi note 2 as a cost wise.mi note 2 is very costly.mi company change the price of this phone everyday.its unbleveable.

  • OmNom

vark, 18 Oct 20166 GB is so rusty and boring, my monies leave me only to the... moreSeriosuly, 8GB of ram on Android is asinine, an frankly stupid

what devs need to do is, optimize their gui's better. Adding more ram is a lazy way of improving performance

  • vark

6 GB is so rusty and boring, my monies leave me only to the one who offers 8 GB of prime RAM.

  • AnonD-491313

AnonD-597675, 18 Oct 2016Lol... even desktop grade core i7 doesn't have that much ... moreAnd it would be millions of times faster nonetheless, thanks to its exponentially more complex architecture.

  • AnonD-491313

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2016The Xiaomi Mi5 Pro Ceramic 128GB cost $400. I'm talking abo... moreYeah well, Xiaomi website isnt even available in Europe lol.

  • AnonD-599286

Very disappointing. Only because of Samsung Galaxy s7 is going back from the market (because of catching fire problem) everybody trying to replace it including "mi" and some other phone like "Moto Z", "Google pixel".
These all companies are famous for their cheap prices but only to replace Samsung they are playing these tricks. Let's see how far they go.

  • Anonymous

No it will not. Compititars sprading false rumors

  • Anonymous

agreed..no reason to buy Mi if the price is so steep...

  • mike

If Xiaomi will start selling Mi line with that pricing, someone will fill the void of affordable flagships. We got Meizu, Oneplus and loads of other brands that will be happy to step in. This cannot be stopped anymore, the amount of people that refuse to pay 900 or 1000€ for a smartphone is getting bigger every day. I like Xiaomi, but it's not irrepleaceable.

  • Bailey

PD, 18 Oct 2016Xiomi management is getting greedy, is this the surprise wh... moreWhy are they getting greedy its one phone out their whole range.
its not a fail just because you think it is

It's obviously fake. I can make something like this in 2 minutes and upload it trying to fool others too.

  • Lapax

The only plus point of Mi is good specs at affordable price. If price factor is gone then no reason to opt for Mi.

  • Vichrith

I don't think that big number in the middle is the pricing of the phone, it could the benchmark score of the phone.

  • Aravindan

Herodroid, 18 Oct 2016lol, 800$+ for a chinese phone with chinese android skins w... moreFYKI, Even iPhones are made in China so don't mock chinese manufacturing blindly. Also, Chinese skins are bad?? The MIUI skin is considered one of the fastest. No Updates? You wouldn't make this statement if you had experienced any Xiaomi phone. They give more regular updates than other top manufactures like Samsung and Huawei. Also 'most' people like the phones with small bezel and such people are not 'rare'. People with very less common sense who arrive at many wrong conclusions are rare (like you).

  • PD

Xiomi management is getting greedy, is this the surprise which CEO was talking about, if yes its total fail

  • Anonymous

Looks like the Xiomi top guys are getting greedy, will definitely back fire.

Genuine Interest, 18 Oct 2016They should put it up for pre-order sale on some website wi... morethat's what they do by spreading such news, they analyse the buzz, boom.