Upcoming BlackBerry Mercury with physical keyboard possibly spotted in a benchmark

17 October 2016
A leak from this summer said this model would launch in the first quarter of next year.

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  • BB Old timer

BB has been my choice for its OS, Kbd, erganomics and business grade hand held device. If OS itself is not BB then it is one of those millions of phones on the market. If these phones are capable of taking BB OS even at a delta escalated cost makes sense to own one, else I have no preference for it.

  • fady

please give us the launching date

  • Charms

Finallyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! another phone with a keyboard. They have heard my prayers. Black berry needs to understand that there still a demand for the physical key board phone, but we want it at a reasonable and affordable price.

While the priv is nice, it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive and not the average person can afford it. So they decided to bring out the Dtek50 and Dteck60 which are more affordable but no keypad!!!! So this tells me you dont care to cater to the keypad lovers. Its either they buy the priv which to day has no reduction in price, or take a phone that is affordable like the dteks but yet your unhappy because it does not have a key pad.

Come December 31st 2016, I will no longer be able to use whats app on my black berry Q5 (which has a keypad), so I am now force to buy a phone which does not have a keypad, which unfortunately will not be a black berry, as they are other touch screen phones that are much cheaper than the Dtecks. So now black berry have now lost the sale for a phone as i cannot afford the priv and they dont have any other mid range phone with keypad that can work with whats app come the 31st december 2016. I am hoping that black berry can save the day by launching a keypad phone sooonnnnn, like December 2016.

  • LuBo

This will be my next phone for sure! I was waiting too long ... :)

  • Peter

I can't wait for the BB Mercury! I hope it comes out soon, I need to be able to use WhatsApp.

Adel Elewa, 24 Oct 2016I am still using my Q5, its a lovely phone.Yes.
In fact if blackberry releases same with updated SoC, camera, gorilla glass and battery juice, it will be a great seller.

original, 18 Oct 2016https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SRIGlmhxWX8 u can try this fo... moreGreat video, thanks a lot.
You made my day.

aatif khan, 18 Oct 2016I am looking forward for this device. Due to keyboard, I... moreI am still using my Q5, its a lovely phone.

  • Ricky242

I have waited for a QWERTY BB + Android for 4 years. This will be their comeback. BB OS was OK, but we all missed the essential apps. Mark my words: BB + QWERTY + Android (non slide, tho i've the Priv which is more of a tablet hehe) will be their comeback like the Bold days!

  • TrailzRock

AnonD-344959, 20 Oct 2016yes we want bb os not android...ur the best bb ...i m the b... moreI love BB OS10, but I had to give up on them just recently. Owned both the Q10 and Classic. I was very disappointed with the Classic, but really wanted to love it. They should have put a faster processor and touch sensitive physical keyboard. But most importantly, BlacBerry should have spent time and money increasing their App library. I really think that's what held them back. It's happening with Windows 10. The phones were fine and the OS is not any worse or better than what iOS and Android hasve to offer. But the App gap is really a turn off.

  • AnonD-344959

yes we want bb os not android...ur the best bb ...i m the big fan of you.............


ilove blackberry , it awesome phone .

  • Anonymous

Great!, 18 Oct 2016Great! This will be the one to say byebye to the Passport.But...Its Android
We Want Blackberry Os

  • too too

i love blackberry i will waiting it come out hahaha

  • Great!

Great! This will be the one to say byebye to the Passport.

  • AnonD-599375

I want to know what type of device is this.
I want Blackberry mobile with Blackberry OS as well as Android with google services like playstore and all others... is Blackberry Mercury having same specifications.

  • AnonD-564370

my favorite one ... i am waiting..

  • AnonD-451592

Freddie Mercury :(

  • original

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SRIGlmhxWX8 u can try this for whatsapp after 2017

  • Gok

AnonD-599234, 18 Oct 2016I also moved from BB to Android (Xperia Z5 compact). Can't ... moreyou could use BB Hub on Playstore. its the same as BB HUB.