Nokia 8800 Sirocco coming soon

27 Aug, 2006
The new Nokia 8800 reincarnation - the Sirocco Edition, comes as an updated version of the highly successful fashionable model of the Finnish manufacturer. We usually refrain from...

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  • Anonymous
  • nEC
  • 15 Feb 2007

i like the design v much. i bought a black one today.... Keypad not doing what it should... u can end up in embarassing calls just because the buttons are not doing what they should....I cannot go back ..just to the "desktop" always...i cannot delete anything even an old sms is staying there and that's it.... (i am computer literate so no probs w my skills)...I hope they give me a good one tomorrow.... It is not only the money u spend but...decency... why should I spend all on such a non sense?

    • k
    • kasa
    • M$6
    • 23 Nov 2006

    i have had this phne 4 a year i got it before it came out in the uk n trust me its like owning a lamborghini or ferrari eveytime u pull the phone out it always catches ppls eyes i dunno why ppl dnt like it but its exellent i think ppl that cant afford it write bad comments cummon its a exellent phne in ma word its the million dollar phne i admit its a rich kids phne n price is 2 high but trust its worth spendin all that money.

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      • Masaud
      • mnX
      • 11 Nov 2006

      Totally agree with the recurring theme out there, ive had three sirocco, all returned with the same problem, no one at the other end can heear me, it just echoes.

      i have a nokia ck7-w car kit and its just awful to use this phone with it.

      so ive had enough, apart from the fact that it lok like im walking around with a corky ball the number of times i rub the phone against my leg.

      with beauty comes the pain.

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        • dg
        • mg9
        • 03 Nov 2006

        Ive just got a 8800sirocco and am very unhappy with it. It is a truely stunning bit of kit, the packaging alone is very special, and the phone is so pretty. Sadly the phone is also horrible to use, the direction pad is extremely fiddly and you regularly hit the central button rather than up or down as intended. The click when you press a button also feels cheap and nasty, the only buttons that feel nice are the two soft keys under the screen. Bring back the 8850!

          • k
          • kuitt
          • in8
          • 29 Oct 2006

          already had one too, but with the same problem as "mr. 42ny" about too low volume (only when on the phone but when playing media is ok. anybody has same problem?

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            • Poiroit
            • MSP
            • 16 Oct 2006

            I own the new Nokia 8800 Sirocco in black, its easy to criticise but this handset is stupidly good looking. I bought the phone because it looks so good. If you want a phone to have ridiculous features you never use then buy a different handset. This phone carries image and does everything it is required to do perfectly!

              • j
              • jdc
              • TkM
              • 05 Oct 2006

              I have owned an 8800 since they first came out, I went and got a Sirocco.

              I took it back within 24hrs - i is not as good as the 8800!!!

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                • liubomir todorov
                • nUW
                • 03 Oct 2006


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                  • Anonymous
                  • 42N
                  • 17 Sep 2006

                  i have the 8801 and if this is like that i dont think i want to get it. i paid $700 for the 8801 and the sound quality is not good. the volume is to low. is it just my fone or others had the same?

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                    • DJA
                    • kaJ
                    • 07 Sep 2006

                    well all my waiting have finally paid off. Its a good thing i didnt waste money on the 8800. A big "HA" to those who did ;-D

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                      • James
                      • TIU
                      • 06 Sep 2006

                      If you want all the specs on this phone then go to this website.
                      This is the official nokia webpage out on the Sirocco Edition.
                      Can't wait to get my hands on one. I was about to purchase the Nokia 8800 Black/Dark Grey metal special edition from Hong Kong and thought I would just browse on the net to see if i would change my mind to the standard silver and found this beauty. So glad I didn't buy the old one!

                        • v
                        • val
                        • Sbe
                        • 04 Sep 2006

                        I wait for this model so long and can't wait to have it. Nokia doesn't make good phones for woman. After my 8910i I can't fall in love in any model that come after it. Now I'm satisfied! Thanks Nokia! Since 2000 I'm your fan and I think it will be forever!

                          • J
                          • Jumpman23
                          • in@
                          • 04 Sep 2006

                          must have !!! i'm fans of nokia 8xxx series .

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                            • ?
                            • TC$
                            • 04 Sep 2006

                            The keypad of the Sirocco edition is not as nice as the original Nokia 8800!!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • jKr
                              • 04 Sep 2006

                              i cant afford it and yet i have a regular 8800.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • RIF
                                • 04 Sep 2006

                                You don't buy the 8800SE or for that matter the 8 series in the Nokia range for its capability & so forth. You buy it for show & to make a point that you are loaded. So if you can afford it why not? No complain here about the pricing. Is that simple,you want it you pay for it.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • wce
                                  • 04 Sep 2006

                                  I will definately get it if its got memory slot. The only thing that puts me off is the lack of memory slot.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • YgA
                                    • 04 Sep 2006

                                    very very hot phone

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mxI
                                      • 03 Sep 2006

                                      Maker, Why are u running late? the link you pasted is totally unrelevent to the topic we are dicussing here, we are NOT talking abt 8800/8801

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                                        • Solcioo
                                        • TmT
                                        • 03 Sep 2006

                                        I like 't...