No, the Xiaomi Mi Mix doesn't actually have a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio

27 October 2016
No, it's not 91.3%, but that doesn't temper our love for the impressive phone.

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Juan, 28 Oct 2016I'm sorry, but this is incredibly dumb. Just because the promoti... moreHave you ever order a food and it came differently as the menu pictured? it is false marketing, a woman sued McDonalds over Big Mac photographs and she won.

  • AnonD-599906

Julliard, 27 Oct 2016Screen made by Sharp. I have nothing else to say. Xiaomi users, ... morein many way, yes. In many way, no. Its a evolution of sharp as well as a copy. Just like any other phone is a evolution on existing phones.

  • Anonymous

TUESONER, 01 Nov 2016158.8*158.8=25217.44mm 81.9*81.9=6707.61mm sqrt(25217.44+6707.... moreB for effort. (You missed the mm^2)

You can't direct divide of the hypotenuse since the screen ratio is different (16:9 vs 17:9). So lets solve by dividing area:
(140.3x82.1*)/(158.8x81.9)= ~88.6% not taking into account of the rounded corners of the phone and rounding of the digits.

*solve theta with tan^-1 and use that in sin and cos equations to get your opposite and adjacent.





HAHA, if u calculate stb using the 1080p resolution it gives 83 percent and if u use 1440p resolution it gives 91 percent which xiaomi claims, and its not fair that stb must be calculated using resolution of the screen instead of the size of screen. it doesnt justify the bezels on screen.

  • Tellitlikeitis

AnonD-603763, 29 Oct 2016I just want to point out that you don't actually know if Xiaomi'... moreYou are correct. The statment comes from via the stats of the actual phone. The surface area is a good deal larger than that of most other phones, so the screen ratio is higher also.

  • AnonD-603763

I just want to point out that you don't actually know if Xiaomi's claim of a 91% StB ratio is based on the photoshopped image or the actual phone. So the actual StB ratio could still be 91% if you guys didn't do the calculation. But nevertheless, I personally think this is pretty atrocious from Xiaomi. They tried to pull the same crap when they announced the Mi 5. Product images show an extremely thin bezel that was different from the actual product. It's even more pathetic when you consider that they didn't really need to do this. Both these phones are gorgeous as they are without dishonest marketing.

  • AnonD-603672

I don't know what's the point of this news, no conclusion, just like black campaign.
IMO, I looked panelook website, the screen 6.4" SHARP approximately for active area 80.19x142.56mm and with the outline 82.99x150.36mm. And compare to Mi Mix dimension 158.8x81.9mm, for active will be 87.9% and for outline will be 95.9%, just simple math and their number between that.
Whatsoever still amazing design phone, and all just math things, unless the screen isn't 6.4" (6.2 or 6.1) that's will become news.

  • DR.D

i tried to calculate it ,its 85. 1% ratio bt its still impressing to me and i think samsung should leave out the home botton n reduce on e bezzels i may forgive it and start using its phones

  • Anonymous

Who cares..
This is the phone that I want. That Will replace my two years old Lumix. Nice design, don't know about camera though.

  • Anonymous

Wow!!! It's like "infinity pool"...... love that

  • Juan

I'm sorry, but this is incredibly dumb. Just because the promotional pictures are different from the actual product, it doesn't mean that the actual product doesn't have 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. Xiaomi isn't generating their ratio from the promotional images. I mean, it could be less than 91.3%, but there's nothing you've said that proves that.

And also, if you do end up being right: who cares? The device still has a huge screen and very tiny bezels; it's not like being slightly off with the ratio is going to be a difference to anyone.

Anonym, 28 Oct 2016Name another smartphone manufacturer that is capable of building... moreThats the whole point. None. Thank you again for understanding.

  • Anonymous

Who cares the phone is still beautiful

  • AnonD-587428

Vivek, 28 Oct 2016The screen is of 17:9 aspect ratio and the official photo is sho... moreVideo shooting uses the full 17:9, Camera shooting uses 16:9. @DJST has nailed it, Xiaomi have taken the Diagonal Ratio. Also it's "very" typical of Xiaomi to enlarge active pixels through the non-active pixels of the LCD in their promo images. They should have just left it as it actually is, this is the main problem.

  • AnonD-603430

Vivek, 28 Oct 2016The screen is of 17:9 aspect ratio and the official photo is sho... moreThank you for clearing that up......I was wondering too if they accounted for that ratio diffence in the camera pic.......If i remember correctly it was mentioned By Mr. Barra in his presentation too.....Good job!!! now let's wait for the response...if they dare

  • sm

MiUser, 28 Oct 2016What..?!! If it is not 91.3% screen-to ratio, and how many perce... moreassuming body and display of the phone is perfect rectangles, and the diamensions in gsmarena site is correct ,then the screen to body ratio is 84.16%

Gibby, 28 Oct's pretty simple - it's called 'math'! (or 'maths' dependin... moreWow, how genious! Respect man, you should consider about Nobel prize.

As we can see Xiaomi counted using diagonals, but what counting is right? Diagonal ratio or area ratio counting?

How Xiaomi got there number: 7.03÷100×91.3=6.41

For area ratio counting we have body dimensions and we have screen dimensions­6/10/Mi-MIX-Screen-2.jpg
But in this photo resolution is 1080x1920, not 1080x2040 as in final version. So it may be not true dimensions of a screen.

  • Vivek

The screen is of 17:9 aspect ratio and the official photo is showing lockscreen which uses full 17:9 aspect ratio but in your pic the camera view finder captures the video in 16:9 aspect ratio so there black border(in display itslef) on both side of the screen which looks like bezzels but actually its not

  • Anonymous

"the digitally-rendered view"? What does that mean? Is the official image doctored?