No, the Xiaomi Mi Mix doesn't actually have a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio

27 October 2016
No, it's not 91.3%, but that doesn't temper our love for the impressive phone.

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  • sm

area of screen=5.7*3=17.1mm square
area of body=6.25*3.22=20.1mm square
so 85%

  • Anonymous

I think the mi mix in that image is with its leather case which is already came with the package

  • AnonD-587428

hansip87, 28 Oct 2016What i was talking is purely the aesthetic level mate. I know pa... moreSorry the comment on palm rejection was a generalized comment as many others were mentioning it.

I know where you're coming from with a symmetrical/uniform device. I'm very much that way myself especially with any ports. Just in this one case though I like the chin, even though I didn't like the Aquos for that same reason. It's minimal and the whole device flows together.

There's a prototype Mi MIX you can find on youtube without it. This is what the leaked image assumed to be a Mi Note 2 was taken from a few weeks back:­ads/2016/10/xiaomi-mi-note-2-75911.jpg

AnonD-587428, 27 Oct 2016I personally like the little chin that it has. With this I know ... moreWhat i was talking is purely the aesthetic level mate. I know palm rejection and such and it is clearly needed. But i only point that good looking phone should have top bezel to balance the bottom. That's all.

  • AnonD-578149

it's not even that hard to get this small of a bezel with a gigantic 6.4 inch screen. Try to do this with a 5.5 inch screen I'll be more impressed.

till then xiomi you're just a copycat stealing from sharp. What do i expect form a chinese company.

  • MiUser

What..?!! If it is not 91.3% screen-to ratio, and how many percent is the screen-to ratio? (With respect)

  • Anonymous

Seriously gsmarena?? One look at the actual phone already tells you there is nothing like this on market. Seriously just look at photos of the real thing, it's even more impressive than the renders. Honestly.....

How wide the angle of the lens used to take the pictures above can affect how large the bezels appear to be (google the effects of how much of an object or even a person can be seen based on angle of camera lenses). Basically, don't trust a photo as an accurate representation.

  • Gibby

djst, 27 Oct 2016GSMarena What is your formula of counting screen-to-body?'s pretty simple - it's called 'math'! (or 'maths' depending on which english speaking country you live in!)

  • Anonymous

If Samsung can provide similar narrow bezels on the upcoming S8 it has a winner and the Note 7 stunt will be forgiven and forgotten.

  • Anonym

Julliard, 28 Oct 2016And finally, someone managed to drag Samsung into this whole thi... moreName another smartphone manufacturer that is capable of building a full smartphone with nothing other than in-house components. Thanks for participating.

sani86, 27 Oct 2016ignorance at it's best... so you think Apple Samsung Sony manufa... moreThe jokes on you, ignorant. Lol. No, I dont think they manufactured everything in their phone. Tq for participating.

  • Stan

djst, 27 Oct 2016GSMarena What is your formula of counting screen-to-body?Didn't they mention that it was a photoshop based pixel count? Math is fairly simple.
screenPixelCount / totalPhonePixelCount = aDecimalValueOfScreenToBodyRatio can take it from there...

Anonym, 27 Oct 2016Shall we recap the numerous OEMs that build each phone? Even Sa... moreAnd finally, someone managed to drag Samsung into this whole thing as always. My experiment is worth it.

DarkReed, 27 Oct 2016It's not *COPYING*, the same way people is not *COPYING* samsung... moreThis is how Xiaomi fans react to comment like mine. I was just testing you. See how you feel when your fav brand accused of copying other brand? You defend like crazy. And people ridiculed me when I defend my fav brand. -_- The tech world is so ignorant when they all act the same. Anyway, all aside I know Xiaomi not copying Sharp. I just want to see how others react when their brand accused of stuff like this.

  • Stan

AnonD-4254, 27 Oct 2016GSMArena staff: Guys, actually just by using a 28mm lens or a 20... moreYou need to read up a bit on 20mm vs 200mm on DSLR. Specifically on perspective control and field curvature, which are 2 of the 4 items that change with focal length. The other two being framing, which you have already mentioned and background compression, which we don't care about in this particular case (we're not looking at background blur).

1) While yes, a 20mm or wider lens would force you to be closer to the phone for the same framing, and angle of incidence towards the bezel would reduce, causing it to look a little bit smaller, the change isn't that huge to cause a 50% reduction in bezel size visually
2) A 20mm or wider lens, would cause perspective and field curvature distortion at distance this close to the object, making the phone look warped and rounded, rather than straight.

So no, it's not possible that this picture was taken with a wide angle lens. Every photographer and their momma knows to grab a standard or a telephoto lens for product photography.
Best example of what i'm talking about:
Wide Angle:­3/IMG_0863-vi.jpg

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2016Appreciate the innovation. This is something even Apple and Sams... moreThey write it because Xiaomis press renders does not depict the actual device..

  • AnonD-4254

GSMArena staff: Guys, actually just by using a 28mm lens or a 200mm lens in the same DSLR at different distances to get the same framing, can get you different results on the same phone.
The wide angle is likely to get you a smaller bezel. The telephoto end is likely to get you heavy bezel, on the same phone.
Its just photography I believe.

What is your formula of counting screen-to-body?

  • Anonym

Julliard, 27 Oct 2016Screen made by Sharp. I have nothing else to say. Xiaomi users, ... moreShall we recap the numerous OEMs that build each phone?
Even Samsung (that is a behemoth that can manufacture the entire thing) regularly uses parts from other OEMs to make their flagship devices. You should already know that by now, given how the batteries made by those OEMs were the first put to question during the Note 7 fiasco...