5.5" Huawei Mate 9 non-Porsche model in the works, to cost less

04 November 2016
A Huawei employee hinted yesterday a Porsche-less Mate 9 model is on the way, probably Mate S2, announcement imminent.

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  • rich watarious

Oh my God if this is true, then Huawei really listens to customers plea. This has been my plea from day one when I heard such high specs phone was coming. Now the small size should be 5'2 inches for it is the standard nowadays. But I plead they should not change anything especially. The dual Leica camera, the new GPU Mali G-71 mp8, EMUI 5.0 and the Nougat 7.0 . These are the specs that needs me most. As the price will be much less then surely the specs will change but please keep the Leica cameras and the New EMUI and new GPU. Thank you Huawei. You will come to number one soon.

  • AnonD-312515

Come on Hooway stop making things so confusing and complicated.

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2016Dream phone for how many months though? S830 or Exynos 8895... moreSnapdragon 650 is more than enough for all todays tasks. You don't need more power. I'm still using a Snapdragon 800 device and it runs everything smoothly. No one needs Snapdragon 830, they made you think you need it.

  • AnonD-196068

AnonD-359671, 05 Nov 2016You have a point but to be honest with you, the Note 4 is a... moreI agreed with you up until you mentioned the S7 Edge. The RRP of the S7 Edge is actually lower than the Mate 9 and the Mate 9 is not water resistant and has a poorer screen. If memory serves the Mate 9 is estimated to cost £699 in the UK, when released, while the S7 Edge is £629. So what is Huawei's response to that? You can gratiously have a £1400 phone that has a QHD Amoled display if we will condescend to sell it you in your region. And the best bit is that the £1400 version still lacks water resistance and has a smaller screen than its cheaper counterpart. I'm afraid I no longer see Huawei as cheap. I now just view them as rip off merchants that charge excessive prices to get what other manufacturers include as standard at a lower price. I was seriously considering this phone as a replacement for my Note 4 but even the Pixel XL or One Plus 3T represent better value for money now to my mind.

  • AnonD-359671

AnonD-196068, 05 Nov 2016Seemingly we are expected to pay stupid amounts of money ju... moreYou have a point but to be honest with you, the Note 4 is an old device. It was released about the same time with the Mate 7 and it was much more costlier than it. The Note 5 too is way costlier than the Mate 8 and the S7/Edge also costlier than the regular Mate 9. So Samsung is still overpriced. Not saying am supporting Huawei tho!

  • AnonD-196068

AnonD-359671, 05 Nov 2016Huawei please ditch the stupid curve design and just give u... moreSeemingly we are expected to pay stupid amounts of money just to get what other manufacturers provide as standard at a much more sensible price. My Note 4 is now 2 years old has a substanitally better screen that comes as standard and even from day 1 was substantially cheaper. Whether or not that level of screen resolution is needed is irrelevant. Even the base model with an inferior screen costs considerably more than the Note 4, or Note 5 come to that.

  • AnonD-196068

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2016where is the Mate 9 (5.9 screen) with 6GB ram and 128/256 s... moreI am thinking exactly the same.

  • AnonD-179806

S7 edge copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why Huawei???

  • AnonD-248589

€1400 for a €400 phone... lol

  • AnonD-359671

Huawei please ditch the stupid curve design and just give us QHD with 6gb/256gb storage on the regular flat version we all love thank you!

  • Gabol67

Disappointed with the mate 9 porsche design, its just a copy of the Samsung s7 edge. Sad.

  • MSi_GS70_6QE

MSi_GS70_6QE, 05 Nov 2016Or this is better option just for $180 bucks ?I forgot link :D
here : http://www.elephone.hk/Event/S7R9Reserve#/

  • MSi_GS70_6QE

Or this is better option just for $180 bucks ?

  • Anonymous

Vic, 05 Nov 2016I wouldn't buy it just because it looks like a copy of Gala... morefunny, S7 edge is just like previous note 4 (and older) model with added slight curve, while note 4 at that time is accused copying the same model from iphone only replacing the physical button there

  • Vic

I wouldn't buy it just because it looks like a copy of Galaxy S7 Edge with ugly Samsung style home button under the screen. Hey Huawei, if I need S7 Edge, I'll get S7 Edge. There is no point to pay the same amount of money to get a surrogate...

  • Anonymous

where the F is the black/purple variant like in the renders?

  • AnonD-308477

damn 1400 €? how much is going to Porsche? 800? Erase the Porsche name and phone would drop in price. The design is great and is not typical Huawei ,as i think the edges on their phones are less nice and smooth(raw cold edges).

  • justsadd

phone back just like lg g3 an front just like s7 edge...copy cat

AnonD-196068, 04 Nov 2016With a 5.5 inch screen will this not end up being too like ... moreThey're going the samsung route. Releasing too many phones that become redundant.

  • Anonymous

where is the Mate 9 (5.9 screen) with 6GB ram and 128/256 storage??