Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi Mix soaks up the fan love

06 November 2016
Xiaomi surely won't have enough stock to meet demand.

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  • robinsd69

this phone is ceramic, obviously is not a gamer phone, or a heavy-duty phone, is a phone for business people or those who have a driver, looks ever classier than the Bentley phone, and this market care more about communication and business transaction than what kind of ship it got, (BTW, windows XP still the best and is 15 years older, new doesn't mean better), and is not new, sharp made it 3 years ago but with metal case, shows that looks is a great deal, but it does need to have variants, one smaller and heavy duty for everyday use

  • AnonD-66956

Error, 07 Nov 2016I didn't say no one buy this phone. Those who like the design an... moreError.

  • Bruce

If it had an Amoled panel... it would have been a perfect device. !

  • AnonD-442781

NObodycares, 07 Nov 2016Actually because you repeat the same it wont be true. The behavi... moreNo app supports 17:9, because there is only one device with 17:9, and it is just a concept device. And no game or video could ever support it without distorting content, because it is made for 16:9 and would have to be stretched.

  • NObodycares

AnonD-442781, 06 Nov 2016Nah, they were lying. You could take the dimensions straight fro... moreActually because you repeat the same it wont be true. The behavior of hiding the navbar does not depend on if the content is 16:9 or any aspect ratio. It depends on the developer of the app. And you can always hide the navbar if you have root access and it wont be a useless black space because android does not work like that. Android OS is smart enough to accommodate the content to fill all spaces, but again, it depends on the developer of the app. and if the OS is Lollipop or higher that is a normal behavior. Navbar will hide for most of the landscape applications with media content like youtube.

  • Anonymous

Most interesting phone in the world.....

  • A Note 4 user

"so, what else could you ask for?"
that's obvious!
1) The QHD resolution, which should have been there from the day 1, assuming the 6.4 display size;
2) the amoled screen (although if the QHD were there with the high-quality IPS screen, i could have considered buying it, as the rest looks fine)

  • Error

AnonD-66956, 06 Nov 2016Lol, u dont like that design that means nobody will buy that pho... moreI didn't say no one buy this phone. Those who like the design and if price tag is ok for them, they will buy it. I just said that I won't buy this phone because I don't like the design. So, who is the mental patient now?

  • AnonD-287672

AnonD-442781, 06 Nov 2016Those companies didn't do it first because it is a gimmick, as I... moreWell, they will be coming out with such models next year or the year after that

  • AnonD-587428

AnonD-442781, 07 Nov 2016Websites and games don't fill the screen. That's what I'm saying... moreGaming is full screen:

  • AnonD-587428

AnonD-442781, 07 Nov 2016The screen to body ratio looks at the area of the screen, not ju... moreOk yes sure, but that's the only way to achieve 91.3%. I'm not sure that Xiaomi will explain themselves.

In regards to utilising the full screen, native apps that I have seen in reviews, that don't need to adhere to a specific ratio like taking a photo, expand. So playing movies in the native app should allow for full screen with the aspect ratio switch as an example, it'll just crop a little of the content from the top and bottom. Browsing the web or email and using the huge amount of apps built into MIUI should expand. So far I haven't seen anything from MIUI that can't expand but there's very little reviews going into it in any depth to say that all MIUI apps do. If not immediately it will be fully supported in time with updates.

  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2016Most movies are 1.85:1 or 2.25:1. Do you mean TV content, so wh... moreWebsites and games don't fill the screen. That's what I'm saying. That it literally the one and only thing I'm saying. If you were to read a newspaper or anything else, they aren't programmed for 17:9 and it would still be 16:9 with the nav bar still there.

And you are completely wrong. 17:9 means it is longer on the vertical while the horizontal is the same size. So even if you did magically make the content fit into 17:9, it is the opposite of what happens with tablets.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-587428, 07 Nov 2016Dimensions of the device: http://www.mi.com/mix/specs/ So di... moreThe screen to body ratio looks at the area of the screen, not just the size of the diagonal. If the diagonal is doubled, it doesn't mean the screen is twice as big, but more than that.

Xiaomi said it was the screen to body ratio they were talking about, not the diagonal. I don't understand why you think looking at the diagonal and dividing them makes any sense whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-442781, 06 Nov 2016Exactly, you are absolutely correct. But that's the problem. The... moreMost movies are 1.85:1 or 2.25:1.
Do you mean TV content, so what? Everything else can literally fill the screen (websites and games for example fill whatever screen size, aspect ratio or resolution). Also since people read better on the vertical, it will actually hold more content for reading, it may be the first semi useful phone for research paper and newspaper reading. It will be able to fit whole columns without the need of scrolling. Till now only tablets could do such a thing...

I see nothing bad with the aspect ratio, even for TV content the black bars would be hardly noticeable, (they would be "half from one side, half from the other").

  • AnonD-587428

AnonD-442781, 07 Nov 2016Yeah, that's what gsmarena did. And they got 84%. If you look at... moreDimensions of the device:

So diagonal ratio of 7.03", ignoring the rounded corners. Now the basic math with the percentage Xiaomi have specified:
7.03÷100×91.3=6.41" display

If 84% were correct it would "only"(lol) have a 5.9" display.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-587428, 07 Nov 2016I'm sorry, you're wrong. The soft keys come or go as required wi... moreWhat exceptional apps are you talking about? All games and all videos for mobile use 16:9. Not 17:9. Even Apple couldn't change that. So again, which apps will support 17:9 that make it worth it? And how can you argue that it is worth it when the two biggest reasons you would want a bigger screen, games and videos, use 16:9? Even apps used for reading, or even chrome, won't support it.

  • AnonD-585394

iPhone 10S Plus Concept:\

  • AnonD-587428

AnonD-442781, 07 Nov 2016All screen to body ratio calculations use the full diagonal scre... moreI'm sorry, you're wrong. The soft keys come or go as required with a touch then a flick from the bottom. The quick ball then takes over for navigation in full screen, here's Hugo Bara himself showing it off:

Remember also we're talking about MIUI, everything native, which MIUI have made exceptional apps for, will be able to adapt to the screen. Also viewing a video will almost certainly support zoom as it already does for odd aspect ratios...

  • MasEnha

Error, 06 Nov 20161. I won't buy this phone 2. I don't expect another phone maker... moreDefinitely the design is not for you.

I'd appreciate if we have bend and drop test for this phone on GSM Arena.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-587428, 07 Nov 2016No they didn't take a diagonal percentage, and the navigation ba... moreAll screen to body ratio calculations use the full diagonal screen size. And the nav bar is permanent. The only time it wasn't there in that video was when you use a special mode in the camera (where content isn't going to be 16:9 anymore, so it won't be full screen if anyone else views it), and in the settings. Even when using chrome, there was a nav bar there, because no apps support 17:9, they support 16:9. So that extra 1:9 will only ever be used for the nav bar, or empty black space. Including the nav bar as a part of the screen and saying it is 84% is like trying to include off screen buttons, because that's how it works in practice almost all the time. No actual content would ever be displayed on that extra 1:9, so it makes sense to see it as a 79|% screen to body ratio. Which is still really good, it is even ever so slightly better than the Huawei mate 8.