Weekly poll: Huawei Mate 9 - how are you liking it?

06 November 2016
Big-screen flagships are one short this season in the absence of the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Or are they?

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  • AnonD-491313
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  • 06 Nov 2016

The Mate 9 is not that good of a smartphone, at its price point. The Porsche design one is what the Mate 9 should have been, but its not a good smartphone, at its price point. Huawei screwd this up pretty bad.

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    • Tee
    • fk9
    • 06 Nov 2016

    While the Mate 9 is potentially a great phone, the prices are getting higher and higher. The Porche model is just ridiculous at pricing. I will be getting the Lenovo P2, better value, less specs but with excellent battery.

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      • ijd
      • 06 Nov 2016

      Suggestion:Y'all should have a cannot afford option 😂

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        • 06 Nov 2016

        The one disappointing thing is the price hike. The mate 8 launched at €600. This one launches at €700, as their brand has gained a lot of traction in the past year, especially in Europe. Still, the pixel xl/iPhone 7 plus launch at €900 for just 32gb and €1000 for 128gb, so it is still priced competetively, for the premium segment. And it is bigger. There's no v20 or note 7 in Europe, so there isn't even any competition for its size.