The Sony Ericsson LiveView micro display picks up speed

21 December, 2010
The Sony Ericsson LiveView micro display has been selling for a few weeks and ever since its launch we get to meet more and more plug-ins compatible with the tiny gadget. So, if you were sorry for buying it...

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  • ali

i like this app

  • Galaxy Tab User

As some one who uses a Tab as a phone this is exactly what I need. It's too bad about the 2.0 only and the "needs" constant BT connection. If it would only que your phone /or phone que it perhaps when there is a new message/call/email etc. instead of it getting constant feeds.

  • bummy

need to find this in canada!!! help anyone??

And comparing this to Nano is ridiculous.... At least this gadget doesn't require your headphone to be connected to your watch. And it does WAY more than a nano can... I've looked into whether getting a nano is better or Liveview... and Liveview > Nano in everyway if you already have a smartphone.

  • some random guy

SE is a big joke and so is this little useless thing. what is next? An incredible device that is bigger, with a bigger screen, that can communicate with your phone over wifi, so you don't even have to carry your phone around at all? wow? -.-

  • Paul

If i am honest i am not a fan of SE but i thought this was a good idea and would go nicely with my galaxy s as i ride a motor bike and can wear this round my wrist without having to pull over. I disconnects all the time and if i am honest is not living up 2 my plans.
A very good product for select people if it worked

  • mz

I'm using the Liveview with my X10i Mini Pro and it works great! The AMP Plugin is a bit slow, but I use it with the default music player on the X10, instead of AMP.

  • shiva

s another cheap device made by sony already failed with mw600 which is the worst than all it produce a terrible sound which makes pain within 10 min.... i never used it after using it for 2 days now am using samsung sbh650 which is 100 per better than sony.... but sony is best with mw790 walkman series which is best of all

  • diggidy D

john, 21 Dec 2010i bought onre of these and it did not work on my htc running 2.2... moreIt only works for android 2.0 or later. anything after 2.0 and newer, it wont work....

  • Kintaro

Still not available elsewhere. Seems like a Europe exclusive. Still might not ditch my watch for it, especially given the short, always needing recharging 7 hours battery life, and always having Bluetooth running on both the LiveView and mobile phone also makes your phone chew on its battery faster. Plus there's always the option of pulling your phone out of your pocket.

I dunno, Sony. Maybe.

  • distributor

i love SONY ERICSSON thaey are best . they make very good quality phones and they can proud with Timescape/Mediascape .

  • Anonymous

Ladies and gentlemen, this is another joke from Sony Ericsson.

  • Anonymous

"..the full touch accessory.."
afaik, is not.

  • john

i bought onre of these and it did not work on my htc running 2.2

checked with the reviews and it seemed i am not the only one.

hopefully the update will bring better compatability

or htc need to bring one out that does tghe job

  • Anonymous


  • damn straight

hey look every body, its an apple nano!
o wait. this looks like the chinese immatation.
SE is at the bottom of the dump. fools