The Sony Ericsson LiveView micro display picks up speed

21 December, 2010

The Sony Ericsson LiveView micro display has been selling for a few weeks only, but the number of compatible plug-ins is higher than you might suspect.

So there's no reason to feel sorry for buying it - the touch sensitive accessory is getting more and more useful with each passing day. The list of apps compatible with the little thing is way larger than expected and new plug-ins show up over at the Android Market all the time.

As all the apps found at the Android Market, the LiveView compatible plug-ins vary from absolutely useless to pretty well thought as well. These include FakeCall for LiveView, LiveView ContactCall plug-in, LiveView Weather plug-in, LiveView PowerAMP, etc.

By the way, the Sony Ericsson LiveView can currently be had for 40, which is yet another reason to make you go for it. Just keep in mind that it will only work with devices running the Android 2.0 or later.

Oh, and one more thing: Sony Ericsson denied the rumors that the LiveView won't get any software updates. According to the company, the little fella is about to be updated in January 2011 but there is no word on what goodies the update will bring along.



Reader comments

  • ali

i like this app

  • Galaxy Tab User

As some one who uses a Tab as a phone this is exactly what I need. It's too bad about the 2.0 only and the "needs" constant BT connection. If it would only que your phone /or phone que it perhaps when there is a new message/call/email etc. ...

  • bummy

need to find this in canada!!! help anyone?? And comparing this to Nano is ridiculous.... At least this gadget doesn't require your headphone to be connected to your watch. And it does WAY more than a nano can... I've looked into whether getting...