The PlayStation Phone goes by XPERIA Play, launches in April

21 December, 2010
The long rumored Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone won't be announced on CES next month, but on the MWC 11 in February. It will hit the stores in April under the name of XPERIA Play. Quite some news, right...

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  • 09j98

Now people may be angry with this comment but what I really want is the Sony ericsson anzu as that would be slimmer and have a better camera but that is just me.

  • deep space bar

as a hardcore gamer this phone already fails.but as a phone it might be good unless they mess up the ui like always

  • Anonymous

is anyone waiting for a Xbox phone running WP7

  • Anonymous

xperia play is a more befitting name. It simply is not worthy to have a 'Playstation' as it's name.

  • KdOgg

Nice! can't wait to get my hands on one of these.
Hope the OS is up to scratch as well...

  • x10 user

Which one should I buy xperia x12 or xperia play. I love my x10 v2.1. But with those new phone I think that am gonna change for one off them. What a delima!!!!

  • Droid Rampage

Arturo, 21 Dec 2010Yeah !, since N-gage (classic) I've not seen such a comfortable ... moreYeah! I just hope that SE will keep it like that on the leaked shots... it looks like vanilla Android. I hope they won't add the Timescape skin and just keep it simple.

  • HK

seems like new marketing technique from sony ericcson if the games on this phone are like psp or psp go then it will rule the market for sure coz game freaks often imagine to have phone in psp..this thing is similar to tht anyways.let see what will be the final launch from SE. i hope for this will be full featured phone with a v smooth gui and have games like psp...lets hope for something really new and awesome

  • Anonymous

SE are top notch when it comes to their devices!

I'm really looking forward for this phone, it seems it will really be awesome. The good thing about this phone is that it's unique and it's the only phone in the market that has buttons for hardcore gamers. Therefore, even in the future when better devices gets releases, keep in mind that the play station phone will still give you the best gaming experience.

  • Anonymous

Come one, no normal person over the age of 18 will buy this. And how much money do teenagers have to spend on things like this? Nah this wont sell big numbers.

  • Gino

More I look at it more I realize how ugly this phone is.

  • tom_KLIA

i think this will be awesome, but hopefully the battery can last more than just 12 hours (at least) and the ram should be more than 512mb because we are talking not just for the games but also the capability to multitask. also to bear in mind that Apple might also release their next iphone at the same period and usually they'll come up with top notch system.

  • Arturo

Droid Rampage, 21 Dec 2010Finally! A gaming phone with real buttons. Yeah !, since N-gage (classic) I've not seen such a comfortable game phone, i guess games will not be psp quality like, that's why Sony Ericsson changed the name, but it's enough for me if i can play emulators with this controls.

  • Some guy from Greece

I like SE's version of Adroid as i find it the friendliest of them all - versions. And now this! SE's comeback, maybe?

  • Anonymous

Im gona get rid of my x10 for this!

  • Droid Rampage

Finally! A gaming phone with real buttons.

  • wow e1

wow !!!