Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 835 will have Quick Charge 4

17 November 2016
Built on Samsung's latest 10nm FinFET process.

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  • AnonD-209269

Keep dreaming. It's not a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

"reduced footprint will allow hardware manufacturers to make smaller devices"
"make smaller devices"

  • AppleFan1998

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2016Could it be these pointless "quick charge" that increase th... moreSo... you clearly don't have a fast charge phone.

It's damn tight yo

AnonD-596087, 17 Nov 2016Wrong.... 653 is just a slightly tweaked version of 652 th... moreTell Samsung to do it. They have the tech. They practically own Qualcomm.

  • Trolls

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2016samsung maybe good in making components but not in making p... moreAs if you have a Note 7 :3 :3 :3

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2016Quick Kill 4.0.... Damn this is one way to ensure consumers... more100% correct

  • Drd ed

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016Good News. But i wonder why lower end segment or even middl... moreQuestion is have Samsung ensured only enough chips can be produced to meet galaxy demand. Will they produce enough for lg htc sony etc. I think no for 2017 flagship

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2016samsung maybe good in making components but not in making p... moreCool story?

  • Metal

is quick charge 4.0 supports 100 percent charge in 30 minutes

  • AnonD-234645

Wait. 835 is the new 830? Or a brother to the sd830? Got confused... @.@

  • Anonymous

Could it be these pointless "quick charge" that increase the risk of "exploding" batteries?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016They have been promising 30% this 50% that for years now an... moreWell i imagine if they take the full 27% or even 20-25% there would still hopefullu be 10-20% efficiency gains.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-611180, 17 Nov 2016Apple has always had the fastest smartphones. For example w... moreThe difference is not normally like this

  • Anonymous

e-sr4, 17 Nov 2016Pixel actually use a pathetic underclocked/underpowered sd8... moreSD821 is nothing more than just an overclocked S820.

Let's hope that it will be really powerful in all senses

  • Anonymous

samsung maybe good in making components but not in making products.samsung midrange devices lags compared to other LOW END devices thats samsung quality selling $100 phones for $300. they're only good in markting but not in after sales in not priority markets, after buying note 7 i wont buy samsung anymore they refused to refund for my note 7 $900. i keep my note 7 in a metal box im afraid it may burn my room

  • AnonD-587428

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016Geekbench single score no way. Multi core may. GPU (in GFX... moreI wouldn't say not near, Xiaomi are just a step behind with both the Mi Note 2 and Mi 5s Plus on the 821.

Typically we would see single core well behind, multi core ahead, graphics well ahead and given how close the above devices are there's no doubt this will be the case again.

  • Anonymous

Quick Kill 4.0.... Damn this is one way to ensure consumers buy phones every year by killing batteries faster whats hard is they are hard to replace!!!

  • AnonD-593645

I hope this chip for galaxy S8

  • Anonymous

I believe my rooted snapdragon 801 is faster than all the gimmicky 808s, 810s, 820s, 821s, 835s and so on.