Weekly poll: OnePlus 3T, an amazing upgrade or needles price hike?

20 November 2016
With the original OnePlus 3 no longer available, is the 3T a great replacement or a disappointment?

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do not like your polls. answers are often everything or nothing. i think it is good whenever choice options increase. what is harm of another phone in market???
is it good: yes
will it put oneplus on top: No
will it sales like oneplus 3: not even near but still a lot
overall: makes competition for those who are after SD 821

Yuri84, 21 Nov 2016I believe you can attract more customers with a lower price and ... moreI think too they should have bumped the rear camera, but the front canera is good now.. Anyway i somehow agree with your point now as they discontinued the 1+3

Raphi7, 20 Nov 2016Actually, the article says the 821 processor is bettr at battry ... moreI believe you can attract more customers with a lower price and great hardware rather than the very latest and greatest processor and a higher price. My personal opinion, though.

I'd think otherwise if they installed the latest and greatest camera (I'm a camera phone fan), but I doubt they'd be able to beat Google Pixel. At least it could be similar level of performance at a lower price.

  • JASONthenutofARGO

AnonD-442781, 20 Nov 2016You don't need time to tell. The 3t is $440. It won't drop much ... moreYes , and other known brands e.g. Samsung , Apple, Lg, htc & ... have had done it before so should there be any complain!? :)

  • JASONthenutofARGO

Yeah About that , its more like an "Amazing Price hike" to me but its good to know that they up their game and ride with the tide was it needless !? Who am i to judge :) :P

  • TT

The lack of a new camera for the back and the lack of an SD option killed it for me. One plus 3 could have really been a flagship killer! The sd821 is a pretty minimal upgrade to be honest, that it probably won't really matter compared to the sd820... maybe i guess a little better in thermal management or efficiency? The front selfie is a pretty welcomed addition IMO, but ignoring the back camera is a travesty seeing as how a lot of reviewers thought it was a little behind the competition. But the biggest insult to it all is the lack of micro SD support. given that it is priced more, they should have improved the back camera and added a micro SD slot. it costs minimal for those upgrades.

  • AnonD-213033

only time will tell
but I think it is a needless upgrade since we are already at year's end.
The oneplus 3t should have been the original oneplus with the bigger battery and the 128gb storage, the processor upgrade and the front cam are nothing to talk about.
But with this move oneplus surely disappointed me.

  • Alacie

First, I don't use the front camera.
Second, the upgrade from 820 is too damn little.
Third, battery life honestly never mattered because I'm a heavy user and OP has never lasts for more than a day. Doubt 3T will last for two days cause even if it lasts for one and a half, I still have to charge it daily.
Also, I use an opaque case, so new colour scheme not gonna help.
Lastly, where is the upgrade scheme? Mebbe OP is trying to attract other customers, but for old users of OP3 this is definitely no cause for an upgrade

  • Alacie

AnonD-428442, 21 Nov 2016Those that think this is overpriced, try to come up with another... moreThe Oneplus 3.
I don't need the front camera, maybe others do, so the increase in price isn't really justifiabke for me.

  • AnonD-428442

Those that think this is overpriced, try to come up with another phone that has the same spec for the same price.

  • AnonD-610398

I see the OP3T as a way for OP to get people who were on the fence (like myself) to buy their phone, rather than a upgrade for those who already have the OP3.

  • A-Nice

Everyone as there own opinions and comments in regards to oneplus 3T. Myself i shall purchase 128GB version. I've never owned a oneplus phone. I'm looking forward to owning one.

  • AnonD-442781

ithehappy, 20 Nov 2016LOL! A phone releasing at 400 USD in 2016 doesn't mean it will s... moreYou don't need time to tell. The 3t is $440. It won't drop much in just a few months. So the oneplus 4 will be around $470-500.

Increasing to $500 from $400 may be too much, but now that they already increased the price to $440 it won't be as big a difference and is easier to do.

And no, price creeping isn't normal. The only other brand actively doing it is Huawei.

Just adding a 821 isn't a big deal. The 820 is fully capable of everything you'll throw at it. I will wait for the next generation with the 835.

  • ash

in UK it was 329 gone up to 399...70£ difference.... is it justified?.... no...op3 should have been out and replaced by T at the same price....looks like op and Qualcomm have joined hands to ripoff .... eat as much money as u can while u can.... too much greed!!!!

Its something in between the uograde is nice for $40 but it is also useless oneplus 4 will launch in Q2 2017 so there was no need to update

  • AnonD-60230

AnonD-368020, 20 Nov 2016I know many people consider this price hike as bare minimum and ... moreAnd that will call for an end of OnePlus

AnonD-442781, 20 Nov 2016If you stop for a moment and think about how they'll price the o... moreLOL! A phone releasing at 400 USD in 2016 doesn't mean it will stay the same in 2017. Obviously there will be a slight price hike. But if its really massive then obviously people will avoid OnePlus phones. Only time will tell.

  • Iron

I use oneplus since oneplus one. And I think The best oneplus phone is 1+3 .But I dont like camera module. and now 16mp 1um front camera is coming. Really not good. Coz low light ability more important than megapixel. And if you want good photo in dark scene you have to use big pixel. Like 1.4um.
Battery upgrade is good. (marketing strategy.)
1+3 is already fast. I think cpu frequancy upgrade isn't necessary.
Final Words
"I'll buy an Oneplus3T just for battery upgrade.Camera is still avarage.Phone is still looking nice"

  • AnonD-607331

For people who already have OP3 i would say, this OP3T is obviously not upgrade. Keep your phone people. Only if newbies are looking for a good OP device, then go for OP3T. I will have 2 weeks no hassle return, so if everything will be ok with my OP3, then i wi keep device. Otherwise im gonna return it and order OP3T.