Future Nokia flagship now rumored to sport a 5.2" or 5.5" display, Snapdragon 820

23 November 2016
Carl Zeiss-branded camera too, all of those in a waterproof metal body.

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  • Anonymous

YowYow, 23 Nov 2016what's the use of having SD830 / 835 when it burns or has u... moreThe S5 has an 801 SoC.

  • Anonymous

if it do let it be new generation, new chipset,.... everything, hope so snapdragon 835

  • YowYow

what's the use of having SD830 / 835 when it burns or has unknown gates? psh, this is a typical move by the old giant plus marketing strategy, Samsung S5 has 810 but it still beats a lot of flagships today

AnonD-483897, 23 Nov 2016Snapdragon 820?!?!?!?!?!yeah, even tho nokia is on the way back on the market, they can only buy old hw. sadly enough.

  • Shawn

Don't care.

  • Anonymous

Honestly can't wait. Need a communicator type phone though. Full touch screen on the outside then opens up to a full qwerty keyboard of course with fm radio too

  • AnonD-483897

Snapdragon 820?!?!?!?!?!

future phone, with outdated hw. next year they are talking 821 and maybe even the 830. bad move nokia, bc we know the price will be the same or a tiny bit under the other flagships.

  • mike

Go Nokia!!!! It all depends how they will push Android and how far the customization will go.
And ofcourse, if they price it like Google of late - they're dead already:)

  • DC

Ok, but please no more sharp edge ugly designs

Come on old friend....come back......

  • AnonD-600084

Awesome...miss nokia for long time...other brand brace yourself