Weekly poll results: OnePlus 3T met with mixed emotions

27 November 2016
A nearly even split between positive and negative votes shows the 3T is not universally respected as its predecessor. 

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  • 27 Nov 2016

AnonD-607732, 27 Nov 2016Many of those people are butthurt oneplus 3 users. Although... moreI agree with you about that but in the UK it is for 1 much more overpriced than in the US ( $60 increase at current exchange rates for both storage options) and secondly I don't have the sort of money to fork out and buy a phone out right I need a monthly contract and in the UK it is only one carrier which I'm not on. Gonna have to pay a bit more to get a HTC 10 (which I prefer)

    Extra $40

    - front cam with more details
    - EIS 2.0
    - a bit more clock speed
    - a bigger battery.
    - some are saying it has a sapphire glass for a rear cam, but I am not sure :\

    Not that bad, actually.

    I like Pixel (5 inch) but then the cost is wayyy to expensive here in India, it's 32GB for $832 :'(

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      • 27 Nov 2016

      Many of those people are butthurt oneplus 3 users. Although I too would've liked a back camera upgrade but oneplus 3t is still an upgrade overall for people who didn't buy the op3.