Samsung reportedly gives up on the dual rear camera setup for the Galaxy S8

02 December 2016
Instead, the upcoming flagship smartphone will pack a single main snapper.

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  • AnonD-497816

One camera in galaxy phones is best than other with two camera!

  • Walexie

Great...the dual camera thing is absolutely shouldn't join the likes of apple in such a useless contest..

  • doc doc

SAM-SUNG -prescription - race horse- mouth SHUT- head DOWN -run - goal post galaxy 8 ..
shut up ..goget.. head down until starters for galaxy 8 .. SPECULATION ==NO EVALUATION

I wish they will use something new though, like their own sensor tech with white pixels or more density. In terms of realistic colors and sharpness its sony's win with their unique sensor that nobody got besides them and thats with just f2 aperture.
But, nothing surprising, if you want to compete in field of better colors, W pixels sensor is useless. Thats why samsung also went for f1.7 in stead of using second camera. Well, they can still use rgbw sensor like lg or sony, it helps a lot, compare X and XZ for example.

  • Dheevara

Who needs dual camera setup?
Just don't give up the latest feature of exploding. That's just cool...

  • AnonD-258858

LG G5 is still the king of all smartphone Camera..
The unbeatable champ.

  • Anonymous

Good decision. LG should to the same.

Dual camera is just an useless gimmick. Good OIS and good low light performance is much more important than the dual camera.

If you want wide angle or optical zoom photos, you can buy a cover / case where you can attach the desired lens.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-546570, 02 Dec 2016Oh boy. Let's see how many trolls are gonna take this out o... moreNobody did it, but everybody praised death to dual cameras. Clearly this site is annihilated by Samsung fanboys

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2016fanboy. When samsung introduces dual camera you will say "w... moreNo, it's only you saying it. We all know Samsung nor Apple is the first to do it.

  • Anonymous

OS, 02 Dec 2016Who needs gymnick dual camera setup? Did professional camer... moreBecause they can move outwards. When a phone camera did this, it would stick out much more than todays smartphone cameras

  • Anonymous

AnonD-567364, 02 Dec 2016I am happy that samsung sticks with single camera sensor.Du... morefanboy. When samsung introduces dual camera you will say "wow, so innovative, nobody other had this before"

  • AnonD-567364

I am happy that samsung sticks with single camera sensor.Dual cameras are completely useless. Pixel XL, for example, shoots much better than icrap7 plus or huawei p9. Hope sammy will put into s8 bigger sensor with bigger pixel size.

  • AnonD-615568

Great, thanks Samsung it's time to cut down the gimmicks.

  • OS

Who needs gymnick dual camera setup? Did professional cameras have 2 sensors like a binocular? :D Answer- No.

  • AnonD-39937

Great decision, Samsung, the world needs better sensors with smarter software, not crappy dual-setup.

  • Vhh

I don't really care about dual cam I just want screen 90% of the phone.. I like big screen small phone

Galaxy phones exhibit too much heat and putting a dual camera setup will only creat more heat. Samsung is scared to the bones another Note7 decibel coming so soon.

Don't really care. As long as it will be an improvement over the already amazing camera of the S7, then no real need for two sensors.

  • Anonymous

Dual cameras - latest gimmick to die a horrible death along with 3D screens.

  • AnonD-546570

Oh boy. Let's see how many trolls are gonna take this out of proportions and say that Samsung is a failure.